Can Walk Around a Stationery Store For Hours

I love looking at notebooks, pens, papers, anything... debating what to get and sometimes ending up getting nothing.  But still, just the experience of browsing is worth it.  =D  It's a most heavenly feeling to walk down aisles of the stuff.  I've found that sometimes, when I'm really unhappy, I'll naturally drift to a stationery store, lol.

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5 Responses May 5, 2008

I LOVE stationery and ordering the invitations and other paper products during my wedding was my FAVORITE part of all the planning...even more so than finding my wedding dress!<br />
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And NO, I don't think there is a thing wrong with us!<br />
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Oh my! im the EXACT same way. I can look at pens and paper all day. And even if i dont buy anything, it makes me happier.<br />
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Is something wrong with us?

my greatest ever find in a stationary store is my favourite pen that has goggly eyed elephant at the top that nods it head when I press down on it. It's very cute. My other favourite finds are the awesome boxing pens you can use to have fights with.

I thought I was weird. But I see I am not alone.<br />
I love great pens and good paper.<br />
I also like the decorative stationary when I write poems or a mushy letter. : ) I always go out of my way just to see what is new.

I feel the same way! About a week ago I walked into a stationary store and stayed for ages just looking at all the different funky sharpeners, rubbers, pens , pencils etc. oh, the choice I had! I walked out with absolutely nothing but was still happy nethertheless. Oh the joys of stationary :)