Favourite Part of My Job.

I'm a receptionist, and part of my job is to order the stationery every month.

It is the best day of the month. I have a catalog that sits on my desk, and I'll flick throgh it, going 'Ooooh, those are nice... Oooh, we need one of those!...'

It's a wonderful way to spend an hour. But the best is yet to come!

Because my office is too cheap to pay delivery, I get to take the order to the stationery shop and wait for them to pack it up for me. Meaning I have a good fifteen minutes at least to wander about and look at the pens, and the pencils, and the textas, and the label-makers, and the post-its, and the staplers, and the pencil holders, and the highlighters, and the construction paper... *sighs*

And it all lives in a box under my desk, so it's never too far away. =)

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3 Responses Oct 12, 2008

I never took the time to inhale it properly - I'll have to do that next time I put in an order.<br />
I like the way everything is clean, all the paper is flat and unspoiled... once it's been used it's just not quite the same.<br />
<br />
It's been years since I've written a letter - like you say, it's a lost art. But I think that's what makes it more exciting. I just received a bunch of letters and postcards from a friend who is travelling overseas, and I felt like a kid. It's so much more personal than email, even if it is slower - the contents of most of the letters were things she'd told me about via chat a week ago. xD

I love stationery, too. Writing letters and cards is a lost art and is about as relevant in the age of high tech communications as boot scrapes and hitching posts, but I still enjoy writing them, especially on fine papers. My favorite stationery is from Crane's; their products are such high quality and come in some lovely colors and styles.

Ooooo so nice - and dont you love the smell too? Or is that just me!