I Love Personalized Stationery

I just love personalized stationery.  I love giving stationery as a gift and receiving stationery!  I recently got married and had to write what seemed like a million thank you notes.  I thought the task was going to be tedious and boring but I was wrong!  I LOVED using my personalized note cards that I got.  They were so much fun and I was excited about what others would think when they opened it.  I also was looking for a gift recently for my sister and I found that there are personalized placemats!  You can choose a different design for each side and personalize it with your choice of font and colors!  AMAZING!  If you like stationery as much as I do check out this fantastic website that I got all of my stationery from. www.sosweetstationery.com.

meldawn meldawn
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2010

I adore personalized stationery so much that I find myself going to stationery stores around the city about once a week for gift ideas!<br />
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Stationery is beautiful, but I find it too elaborate, a fresh spiralled pad will do.