Dear Workers Of Interstate 95 North AND South And The Interstate Itself: Let'S Get This Straight!

TO THE INTERSTATE: OH. MY. GOD. I know you're just a THING made up of concrete, metal and litter that people throw out of their windows on a sunny day, but why the he*l must you constantly have so much of a f*cking issue that the Pennsylvania government sees fit to do "long term projects" on a near constant basis? What is the deal? You f*cking suck and I hate you!

TO THE WORKERS ON THE INTERSTATE: Why must you work on Northbound and Southbound at the same d*mn time? It is really a pain in the a*s to have sit through traffic 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Do you realize that's 12.5 hours a week? THAT IS 50 HOURS A MONTH IN MY LIFE THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK. I could be doing SO many other things...making better dinners (I am an amazing cook, you know!), having sex, starting my drinking early if it's a Friday, visiting friends, starting my laundry at 4:30pm instead of 7pm, SLEEPING, taking an extra long shower, reading a book, dancing and singing around my house to music, breathe a little easier, not have a name it! Christ, don't you people know what it's like to be in traffic? Apparently not. By the way, why are you doing the same project now, that you JUST finished TWO YEARS AGO? Can't you pick on I-95 in some other state? The d*mn road goes from Maine to Florida for crying out loud! Try this sh*t in Connecticut or something...jeez! There is no reason why you have to have 5 different projects going on, on the same 9 mile stretch of road at the same time.

You make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork!
zephyrinthesky zephyrinthesky
26-30, F
Feb 7, 2013