Cornish Pasty

The traditional Cornish Pasty may not have a good portion of steak in them.

I love Steak and potato in any form. Stuff them in to a pie or serve them with vegetables on a plate. It is super stuff.

Being a lover of meat I like the potatoes in parsley sauce. A lovely steak well done for me or medium to well done. I do not like to see the tender or pink meat.
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if you like it in pies, it makes sense that you like your steak well. i hope it's cooked properly so it's not tough and chewy. unless you like that, of course. :)i love steak and kidney pies, and miss them a lot.

Oh yea, love 'em. All meat needs to be well done for me like it. I remember my University days when I used love fish and egg pie. It was bakery that I used to buy it from who had a special recipe. Never ever tasted one like them and have not even bothered to buy them now.

that sounds amazing -- i miss bacon and egg pie, too. it's true, haven't tried to buy it anywhere since i left uni, too, as i suspect i'd be very disappointed. i haven't even made a fish pie in ages, because ... well, because i'd rather get one from the tea shop on the fourth floor of the department store on the square, etc. you know what i mean? ;)

Bacon and egg. Yummy. A nice hot one on toast...hmmm

augh, now i need to find some flakey pastry ...

Oh you hungry girl. You do have a nice appetite.

i do, i do ... in fact, any man i'd been with who is not likewise "hungry" doesn't last long with me. people near me appreciate what i cook for them, and i cook as a display of affection -- as does nearly anyone who loves food and loves people. :)

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