Ok, I know there are some people out there who are sickened by this but I think it's the only way you can eat steak. I always have mine rare or medium rare, it gives it so much more flavor and juice. My idea of a perfect dinner is a nice thick rump steak with a little garlic butter on top and fries on the side. NOM
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i like to eat them medium, with a little bit english anyway. One time i got one with overbaked cheese...try it out ;)

I'll take mine medium well, with mushrooms and a good steak sauce, but yes, I love them. Don't care if you are a vegetarian or not.

Me too, just the way I like mine. My wife is English also, and much more modest than yo,u unfortunately, and she insists that her steak is cooked until it resembles a piece of shoe leather, unfortunately mine usually ends up like that too. She will go to a nude beach with me but will seldom go topless on a topless beach. You should come to South Beach in Miami sometime and show everybody what ******* should look like.

rare is good

So here is a simple and great sauce to dip your steak in. ..... Add soy sauce and coursely minced garlic in a shallow dish.<br />
<br />
If you like that I know a killer marinade that is almost as simple and would flavor any steak to perfection

I love mine medrare or at most med .

I eat my steak medium rare as well. Nothing like watching the juices flow as you cut into it. Taste so good in my mouth that I just hate to swallow it, because I want to savor the flavor.