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Nice T-bone Or Filet

I love the smell of a grilling steak with some marbling OMG ! I wanna steak now ! Anybody grilling ? Like mine medium done !
cjpsf5 cjpsf5 41-45, M 27 Responses Apr 23, 2011

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Mahal yes I am talking steak ! You silly girl ! lol ! <br />
<br />
And you and "v" enjoy the Scottish meat ! Lol !

CJ.....when you say you had a *****...are we talking steaks or something else??? wink!!!! You and V are switching gears on me...and can't keep up. Sad part is that I'm as sober as can be too!!! lol!!! <br />
<br />
CJ..I will take care of V's food requests. I reserve the right to assist with other "affairs" at times but for the most part she's on her own on that. As for her order for Scottish meat...well let's just say that wouldn't simply be just for her enjoyment only.

Vignette that is very sweet of you . No apologies !

YOU go Mahal ! WooHoo !!!!!!!

Mahal you will take care of "V" ? WINK WINK >......

Yes Mahal ,made me hungry too when had a ***** this afternoon !

V.......ROFL!!!!!!! For a minute there I had to stop to think about what you said......okay I'm a little slow today and then finally I got it!!!! And you're the one that's constantly telling me that I have a one track mind!!!!!! :) Not sure if CJ wants us to hijack his story and take it "there". You must know that love is in the details. I won't go out of my way for just anyone....just those I care about. So I would make sure that all of your food issues were addressed. Such a high price to pay for the Scottish meat....but if money wasn't an ob<x>ject, I would gladly oblige.

V....since you don't eat meat I would make you swordfish kabobs and grill some veggies like eggplant, red peppers and mushrooms if you'd like. We aim to please everyone's pallate. If you're willing to fly out to hang out with're free to take whatever you want off my plate!!!! :)<br />
<br />
CJ...all this talk about steaks made me go to the store and cook a rib eye roast last night. IT was good!!!!! :)

Enjoy Vignette !!!!

Join us Vignette !

Mahal now your talking ! Lets do it !

Hey, Dorothy you and I can start the grill. If it's the gas one....if the starter still works all you have to do is turn the knob. to put pineapple on my shishkabobs. We should have an EP potluck. Bring some type of meat to grill and a side dish. Oh..and let's not forget...BYOB!!!! :)

Yes very delish !

I love pineapple ! Start the grill ,bet you could learn on the internet !

Okay, I guess it is official, I have to learn how to use the gas grill or a charcoal grill! <br />
<br />
And I would LOVE to have a cook-out - an EP cook-out would be FABULOUS!! (and Mahal, I continue to marvel at our similarities - WATERMELON is my favorite fruit - well, that and Pineapple!)

I am up for it anytime. Just need Dorothy to learn how to start the grill !!!!!! Thanks Mahal !

I prefer the taste of charcoal grills but since I live in a condo....we can only have gas grills. I have a huge one that is barely used because my kid and I are too lazy to turn that gigantic thing to grill so little. Love, love fresh summer tomatoes with olive oil, basil and fresh Mozzarella. Yummmmmmmm... oh and sweet white summer corn.....sweet!!!! Oh let's not forget watermelons too!!! Hey, when are you two throwing a cookout??? I want to go!!!!! :)

Well Dorothy thanks ! So lets learn the grill and eat !

Okay, you all need to stop right now! I love the sound of it all! Now, if I can just learn to USE a grill - hee hee! <br />
<br />
Now, if you are taking orders, I like Rib Eyes or Filets (Ribeyes are my first choice) - medium - just no red. I love corn on the cob, mushrooms AND I can't help but think of fresh sliced tomatoes when we start talking about summer veggies!<br />
<br />
I am hungry and this isn't helping! : P

Yes I agree MT ! Corn on the cob in a few months here in the East !

Oh my yes Mahal that is a given !

Think some corn on the cob cooked in the husks on the grill would be just fine too....

Don't forget grilled portabella mushrooms and onions. A cold beer or chilled wine to wash it down would be heavenly.

I think a steak party is on the horizon !

If you got a spare rib-eye I will take it, of course I have some garlic shrimp on skewers that taste great with a steak...

Yes I am hungry for one as well. I think I will have on soon !!!!! Yummy Mahal !

You're making me hungry. I love rib eye steaks....cut really thick and cooked medium rare.