Nice T-bone Or Filet

I love the smell of a grilling steak with some marbling OMG ! I wanna steak now ! Anybody grilling ? Like mine medium done !
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Mahal yes I am talking steak ! You silly girl ! lol ! <br />
<br />
And you and "v" enjoy the Scottish meat ! Lol !

Vignette that is very sweet of you . No apologies !

YOU go Mahal ! WooHoo !!!!!!!

Mahal you will take care of "V" ? WINK WINK >......

Yes Mahal ,made me hungry too when had a ***** this afternoon !

Enjoy Vignette !!!!

Join us Vignette !

Mahal now your talking ! Lets do it !

Yes very delish !

I love pineapple ! Start the grill ,bet you could learn on the internet !

Okay, I guess it is official, I have to learn how to use the gas grill or a charcoal grill! <br />
<br />
And I would LOVE to have a cook-out - an EP cook-out would be FABULOUS!! (and Mahal, I continue to marvel at our similarities - WATERMELON is my favorite fruit - well, that and Pineapple!)

I am up for it anytime. Just need Dorothy to learn how to start the grill !!!!!! Thanks Mahal !

Well Dorothy thanks ! So lets learn the grill and eat !

Okay, you all need to stop right now! I love the sound of it all! Now, if I can just learn to USE a grill - hee hee! <br />
<br />
Now, if you are taking orders, I like Rib Eyes or Filets (Ribeyes are my first choice) - medium - just no red. I love corn on the cob, mushrooms AND I can't help but think of fresh sliced tomatoes when we start talking about summer veggies!<br />
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I am hungry and this isn't helping! : P

Yes I agree MT ! Corn on the cob in a few months here in the East !

Oh my yes Mahal that is a given !

Think some corn on the cob cooked in the husks on the grill would be just fine too....

I think a steak party is on the horizon !

If you got a spare rib-eye I will take it, of course I have some garlic shrimp on skewers that taste great with a steak...

Yes I am hungry for one as well. I think I will have on soon !!!!! Yummy Mahal !