As Long As I Didn't Touch Them

Ok, I will fully divulge my ONE culinary weakness................I can't grill to save my life! I am 100% better IN THE KITCHEN and have been banned from my brothers' (<----this is possessive plural so don't call me out on the punctuation!)  grills, my dad's and any man with any sense. I can watch all the cooking shows on the planet, read all the "how to's" and STILL over cook a steak.

I pride myself on my talent in the kitchen and the fact I just can't seem to get it right where fire is concerned disstesses me. Ok, what really annoys me is I really do have to shut my mouth when a big strong man yanks the spatula or tongs away from me and growls at  me to "get back in the kitchen where you belong". Normally a good ol' fashion Italian ***-kicking would ensue................but in these instances he is correct!

Now, I am MORE than willing to take care of all the delicious sides that can accompany an GREAT tasting juicy steak. Seems, once again my "side dish" needs meat. Any takers willing to teach me to grill?
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4 Responses Oct 10, 2011

me too! love the way you give a lil grammar lesson there in the beginning btw :p but im the same way! i can pull it off now and again but luckily theres always someone around and not to mention, my man loves to grill so its a win win for sam and i get to reap the benifits :)

My dad used to grill a lot in the summer. But there was one drawback. He had a fancy gas grill with a lid you can close, so one time we made shish kabobs (chicken, onion, cherry tomato, that sort of thing), steaks, and corn on the cob. The drawback is his method. Put everything on the grill, close the lid and go inside and watch golf on TV. So my boyfriend and I are outside, and we happen to life the lid after awhile, and we were like "Hey, are the tomatoes supposed to be on fire like that?" So he comes running out. Flaming tomatoes, carbonized corn, but the steak turned out ok.

I'm very comfortable on the grill as well as in the kitchen but to do the grill right you have to be there the whole time and allot of woman don't like that!! I love to do steaks and i love to eat them as well but only one way i hope you love yours medium i love my meat pink inside and juicy!!

Okay, I'm sure you've already heard this a thousand times, but it really is easy to cook a steak on the grill. There's a trick to telling when the meat is done. Doesn't it seem like there's always a trick to getting things done. I know I burned up a lot of meat before figuring out how I like mine. Today, I don't like cooking for other people on the grill as I cook mine by sight tend to cook them all as to how I like them, warm with a juicy pink center. And regardless of what anyone tells you, not every man has the skills to cook on a grill. Keep at it and who knows, you can always have a lot of fun with it.

Serioulsy, I have had my dad, brothers, exes and a entire fire department tell me to stay the hell away. I have been trying for YEARS. Finally I had to face the fact there I suck at....grilling. And after therapy --I am fine with it. ;-)