Stumbled Across Steampunk Culture

     I was on a dating website for mimes, yes mimes.  I was sort of mocking mimes and daring one to show up on the site because it was a mime free mime dating site.  Kind of like there are almost no steampunks making comments or telling stories on this steampunk site yet.  But someday steampunks and mimes will rule the world!  Mwuh ha ha ha ha!  So, a mime finally called my bluff and put a link to his site.  He said his kind of mime talks.  So, I followed his link and went to his site.  Then, I went back and sort of made fun of him.  Then, I watched his band on You Tube.  His band was really cool.  I got infatuated with the mime.  I found out he's not single and is way too young for me.  (He seems much older than he is when he wears his mime suit.)  So, I went back again and again and again to look at their music on You Tube and My Space.  They have gears in the My Space wallpaper.  I was looking up clock gears on Ebay because of that.  One of the gear selling headlines on Ebay had the word steampunk in it.  The mime's band is called Steam Powered Giraffe.  I looked up steampunk on the net and my mind was blown by what I found.  Steam punks are awesome.  My beloved strange vocal mime band was a bunch of steampunks.  When I was a middle school kid in the early eighties, the punk movement was about sheer rebellion.  Punks were supposed to be rude, crude, vicious, and violent.  Punks got started out by homeless street kids overseas.  Today, punks are pseudo Victorians who base their beliefs on fiction books, antique collecting and shooting for a Utopian society.  My my they sigh.  It's funny because hippies went the exact opposite way.  My parents were hippies.  Hippies used to be nice and they had all these vague Utopian ideals, but were too spaced to make them come true.  Then, my generation saw a resurgence in hippie culture when the Dead started touring again.  The old hippies there were very nice like my parents.  The young hippies were not exactly what you would call friendly, tuned in, turned on dropouts.  It was like they were sour, empty and only there for the clothes, the toxic substances to be had, or for an escape from their parents.  Then at Woodstock '99 somebody supposedly got killed and people started fires.  Bleech.  And music had been suffering for years too.  But some of the steampunk music I came across is completely freakin fabulous.  gives me real hope that our youth will make things better in the future.  They said generation X didn't care about anything.  I didn't want to believe that, but it kind of looked true.  I love that this new generation is coming up with this brilliant culture.  Grunge rock and manga were not so bad, but they weren't freakin awesome like steampunks are either.  And all the bands that appear on Letterman and SNL are like one stink bomb after another.  But finding steampunk music videos is like unwrapping one beautiful present after another.  I have a floor to ceiling shelf of records.  I used to love Rock and Roll.  Then, rap, Hip Hop, Ipods and Tipper Gore killed Rock and Roll as I knew it.  But, this steam punk thing is really putting the music back in the world kind of like Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band killing off the Blue Meanies after so many years of Rock and Roll Oppression.  I mean, The Arctic Monkeys?  What is that?  They take a rotten band, put them in Beatle suits, and then then they have a rotten band with fabulous fashion sense.  I just hope that steam punk doesn't get all mainstream and turn into a mass marketed mass produced craze.  But it probably will if it hasn't already.   But it will still be waaaaaay better than the crap the music industry has been slinging at us for the past couple of decades.  See also: Steam Powered Giraffe had a band called Tragic Tantrum Cabaret listed as friends on My Space.  I thought that girl was wicked cool too.  She has a voice that makes you think she's a runaway opera singer, and her style is out of this world.  Then, I went to "Find Friends" on My Space and typed in Steampunk.  There was one guy whose entire page was in Victorian style and crammed with awesome bands in friends and on music.  I make stuff to sell, including wench corsets.  So, now I'm gonna try making weird steam punk corsets.  I noticed that most people who sell them are way off the mark.  And I'm wondering if the steampunk style is here to stay, and going to be huge, or if it's a flash in the pan that will be gone before you know it.  I mean, I can't see most teens as having the guts to dress up as Victorians.  But I can see them loving the music.  A  million sites are trying to sell the jewelry, but very few sites have the clothes.  I think the best outfits are the handmade ones or the ones where they scour the flea markets.  And the computers and appliances they make are brilliant.  Pretty soon the big companies will start churning these appliances out.  I can feel it in my bones.  As for the movement, I guess there will always be smart, creative kids out there and I couldn't be happier about that.


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1 Response Sep 30, 2008

Hi! The site is called Mime Passions. You have to join and dig and dig to find the forums. I don't believe there are any real mimes on the site, but it has some funny videos. Be sure to Google Steam powered Giraffe and check out their videos. they have some hilarious ones such as Young Trevor Gormley and Scary World. I think David Michael Bennett should be an actor. He has a glowing, magical quality. They're all awesome.