My Visit to Colbert's Wonderland

My experience going to the Colbert Report was pretty awesome... I was going to be visiting New York, so I requested tickets from Comedy Central by e-mail (go to their website to find the link, I can't remember it). They emailed me back some dates, I picked the ones that worked and confirmed it.

We showed up around 6, but from talking to some others, people had been lining up since 5:30 or so. They opened up around 7pm and let us in (we were part of the "standard" group, there are also VIPs and standbys).

The studio is really small and not really what I expected from watching on TV. After being seated, a producer went over the mechanics of the show, then they brought out a (lame) comic to get the crowd going a bit, typical amusement park magic show type banter.

When Mr. Colbert came out, we all went nuts. This guy is awesome, you start to understand just how much the crowd loves him until they give him an ovation for like 3 straight minutes. He chatted a bit with the audience and basically established a bit of a rapport that I would guess makes both him and the audience feel more connected once the show starts.

Anyways, to wrap this up, the show moved REALLY fast. I've gone to plenty of tapings before for other shows, and this was by far the smoothest. We had a lot of fun and some good laughs-- and now when we watch the show (daily, of course), we have a nice appreciation for what goes into making it, as well as what Stephen is like outside of the set.

For any Colbert fan visiting NYC, this should be a must-see... (along with Letterman, he's just an institution!).

Hope this helps someone out!
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2 Responses May 9, 2006

Gotta love a man who loves himself as much as this guy does. He is so fun to watch. I'd love to go to a live show!

Thanks for the story. I'm all inspired. First, I'll have to figure out a way to get to New York. But once I come up with the excuse/money, I'm SO THERE!