AHH! New Movies!

 I occassionally stop by Stephen King's imdb page, just to see what's coming up. It has been a little while since I looked, and suddenly there are more than a dozen really exciting projects on the list!

Dolan's Cadillac- I read the short story a few years ago and thought it was terrific. and Christian Slater as the lead is awesome!

Children of the Corn- it's a remake and it's made for tv. could be crappy (the made for tv ones aren't always winners) but i'm excited anyway!

Talisman- !?!!! yup. i'm freaking thrilled about this one :D  (even though it is slated as a tv mini-series, i am *so* psyched)  .. Black House is also announced as "in development"

Bag of Bones- I read this novel when it came out. I never thought they'd make it into a movie. It was a good book, and I'm interested to see how it plays on the big screen

Creepshow- this one is tagged as animated... very unusual for S King stuff.. 

Pet Sematary- there's not much info on this yet, but I'm going to assume it's a remake and not another sequel. This could be good.

It- again not much info and likely a remake which could be good

several other projects of books I know that most readers of S King love (but I myself have never read):

Everything's Eventual (actually this is a short story)- sounds like a great story


From a Buick 8


and the one that has me thrilled and flipping out the most:

it has finally been officially announced I can't believe it....


(the other two on the list are My Pretty Pony- which was a short story that really got under my skin for a long time but i can't imagine it in movie form. it is scheduled to be a short film.. and something called Throttle which I've actually never heard of before)

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Pronounced "Stee-Ven"!

hi everyone - i'm trying to sell a set of stephen king videos - does anyone know of a website online (apart from ebay) that i could look at? i'm thinking there may be a particular stephen king products only website that i could sell them on? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

lol! that movie was awful.<br />
I'd read about King disliking Kubrick's interpretation of The Shining. I think he's silly, because Kubrick is a genius.

yeah the Shining remake was the on that comes to mind most strongly when thinking of made-for-tv disasters of S King books. Though, The Stand was made-for-tv I thought it was spectacular.

I am a HUGE Stephen King fan and I have found that reading the book BEFORE watching the movie is better because the books are sometimes different from the book. The one that really shows this is The Shining. And they should NEVER have did a remake of that classic! Jack Nicholson's movie should have been the only one.