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whenever someone asks me which author i like, i would definitely say Stephen King. his novel not only allows you to imagine everything that he wrote but it pulls you inside, as if you are living the novel. i started reading his novels when i was 13. even though it's scary, but it's strange at the same time. mind-blowing. my fav. novel; dolores claiborne and desperation. read it for yourself, i'm sure by the time u come to the 10th page, you won't be able to put it down. wow is all i can say.
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there's this one called "needful things". it's pretty scary but i just love desperation. i remember holding the hard cover and reading it the whole day. amazing feeling. i think i missed a lot of his latest novels.... and carrie is just classic. most of his novels are turned into movies.

i know, it's been awhile since i read any of his books...... ):

I finished the chapter and I actually got very happy and was like, "Oh yeah, I miss Stephen King"

Im reading this new one called 'Under The Dome', about 200 pages in so far and its sick!!

i've read the green mile, and the bachman books; there are a few series in it but they are really good. the dark tower series,i haven't get my hands on those yet... i've read most of his books but i can't remember their title. they are all good.