Stephen King Made Me Want To Write Novels

I am currently trying to finish the first draft of my first novel after many years of wanting to be a writer due mostly from reading Stephen King novels.

I cut my teeth on writers like Roger Zelazny and Robert Heinlien but never read any horror novels until my next door neighbor and classmate was reading one of his anthologies. Night Shift. Since my 13 friend was a known wimp by my standards I figured he couldnt be too bad and read it myself sometime later with much surprise and pleasure.
I always thought of horror as mainly cut and slash and I had no desire to read that and granted there is some of that in his novels more or less but there is actually a STORY there too. I personally would call him a paranormal horror writer. I like that he keeps alot of control with his movies too.

But being an aspiring writer myself as well as a prolific reader I noticed early on that he was a very rare writer indeed. His voice changes. Its a wierd thing. You can pick up a prolific writer and KNOW how he writes the story no matter what the story is about. But for years before the internet and seeing his interviews and finally reading the unparralleled "On Writing"  I actually thought that he might have been plagerising other peoples novels or using multiple Ghost writers! His voice is just so changeable and it breaks the old myth that you MUST find your voice before you can publish. For him his stories create the voice and thats unique. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

I Loved the movie, The Langoliers too.

But has anyone noticed since his accident that he has written differently? His books have had a more depressed feel and very bad endings. In fact I havent read him for awhile since then because of that, I dont like bad endings like The Mist-THAT was the worst!!! What do you think?

At the moment I am lookiing for other writers that are trying to finish thier first novel and/or blogging about the paranormal etc. Id like a goal buddy to talk about thier ups and downs in the writing and word count competing. So if theres any other female writers interested in a writing friend, please write me.
wildwriter wildwriter
41-45, F
Jan 24, 2011