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The Only Man Who"s Ever Tingled My Spine...

Ooh.. I love Stephen King. I've been reading Stephen King since I was thirteen.. maybe twelve. He is the greatest author ever. You just get lost in it and nothing else matters. And that goes for almost every book I've ever read of his and I've read most... have most. They are reread over and over and dog earred and some of them are browning but, I will never let them go. I have a special place for Insomnia and I loved Needful Things and Salem's Lot but, my brand new... ish forever favorite is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Freaking krazy amazing brain on that man...
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I got hooked on Stephen King after reading "The Stand" many years ago now. "The Shining" I found the most spine chilling. I've read most of his books although I am a little outdated on his most recent novels. He is certainly an amazing mind. His best to my mind is "The Green Mile"

I first saw The Green Mile as a movie then bought the book. The movie does justice to the book and is around 3 hours long.

Oh yeah!!! I own and have read a lot too.....His mind and desc<x>riptive abilities have always impressed me....I've said since I was a kid that I wanted to be as big as Stephen King.....

Yes I do, but I haven't had time to write in a while since I have a 1 and 2yr old......They take up so much of my time.....I wish I had half their energy :-)