So Descriptive

He is so descriptive you can see the story unravel in your head. He and Edgar Allen Poe are so much alike except Poe was before the times. Society wasn't ready for this type of lit. King was right on time!
Meowderkatze Meowderkatze
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2 Responses Jun 21, 2011

I started liking Poe when I was young because of his darkness and my morbidity......I got interested in Stephen King as a teen and have read and own tons of is books.....And I'm not done....:)

I am way behind on his books but it's nice to know when I need something to read I can find a good one! Bag of Bones was the last one I read and it was different from his others. I like it tho.

The more desc<x>riptive the better I stories are like that too when i get around to writing.Thanks for sharing that.