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King And A Cold Winters Day

A little about me I'm a out doors type during spring threw fall.When winter come good luck on getting me out the house.So i will sit by the heater with a hot cup of coco and a king novel i will get lost in the book for hours.My favorite part is when i read and the door opens and right at that moment my front doors opens i will wounder what coming in.I have read the regulators and for 6 months after reading i was ducking every time a mini van drove by.the first book i read of his was the stand i was hooked from that moment on.i have all his works hard cover editions the books i have read. long walk,desperation,regulators,eyes of the dragon,four past midnight,just after sunset, Christine, different seasons,from a Buick 8,hearts in Atlantis, skeleton crew,green mile man that allot of books lol .right now I'm reading under the dome.
jtrain jtrain 36-40, M Aug 28, 2011

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