Stephen King have read his books since I was at secondary school

When I was at secondary school I was taken to a large room full of books from all sorts of different authors and genres etc the one section that I was drawn to was science fiction and horror basically because of the fact that the stories were so engaging keeping my attention to the book to such a degree that I didn't want to put the book down.
I tried reading the romantic books and other genres but none of them seemed to sit well with me I always felt that they were all too boring and that in some cases they sent me to sleep.
My first Stephen King book was the shining by the time I had read the first page I was hooked on his writing skill and style, the fact that he could engross me in the book so much that before I knew it I was half way through the book still wanting to read more.
When I had finished the book I watched the film the actor made the film but the book I loved and I wanted to read Stephen King books for my English literature G.C.S.E's but sadly it wasn't going to happen damn school !
Once I left school I still read his books it was something I did before I went to bed, bedtime reading if you could call it that I read the talisman, before this I had only read books by Stephen King but the cover of the talisman on the front captured my imagaination so I read the book and as expected I was again engrossed in his writing even though it was based for the most part on fantasy.
The way Stephen King writes takes your breath away with the stories reeling the reader in at the turn of every page brings you closer to the facinating mind of this amazing writer.
When I was working I started to collect his books and have a small selection of his work but my favourite is the talisman but most of his books seem to centre on what people will do if put into different situations for example in his book the shining it's what someone would do if they were cut off from everyone the mind would start playing tricks and depending on the person you might turn into a madman such as the book describes.
It's a spooky insight into the minds of human beings but told with the skill so that you could actually be inside the book with the characters and be experiencing every emotion thats they are feeling.
I am so interested in Stephen King as a writer I was brought his autobiography for my birthday which I find facinating to read as it talks about that when he was 2 his father went out for cigarettes and never came back, leaving his mother to bring up 2 boys on her own with very little money.
The whole experience of that much moving around through the different family members and his love for reading comic books made sure that his writing skills developed into the amazing stories that we read today.
I am still collecting his works so that I hope to read everything he has written some day, this might mean that I will need more bookshelves as he has wrote so many books and carries on writing even at 64 what an achievement !
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I've recently finished all 8 Dark Tower books and I feel kinda empty now. -.-

It's weird of books can fit in your life if you let them.