The Dark Half / Needful Things

I just got a little kick because I am watching the Dark Half (for the 2nd time, ran one after the other) and have been listening to Needful Things on my Kindle on the way to and from work, 1/2 hour drive each way and Alan Pangborne is in both.  I have listened to, read and or watched quite alot of Stephen King.  I enjoyed how in 11/23/62 (which is the day my parents got married) how he threw in..and I;m drawing a blank on the names, of the kids from IT.  Great times with King!!!

I have read and listened to Carrie and watched both movies (actually they both are on my DVR).  Cujo was incredible on Tape and the movie doesn't even compare...and what about Under the Dome!!!  Had to listen to it a 2nd time it was so good!!  When done with Needful things I'm going to listen to Bad of Bones, read the book about 8?? years ago and have the A & E version on my DVR but haven't watched yet....

Loving my Stephen Kin :)  Hope you all do too!!
LyndaMWilson LyndaMWilson
May 9, 2012