How I Got Hooked

My best friend spent the night once and she was reading carrie. I picked up the book and started reading the first chapter. I finished it that night. then I bought pet semetary and I loved it. it freaked me out, but I loved it. I also just watched the biography of stephen king on the biography channel and it was pretty interesting and inspired me to write.

*edit* and oh yeah, you know he's done a good job when you are sitting in your medical terminology class, learning about scoliosis when all the sudden, zelda-the sister of the wife in pet semetary pops into your head from the book, then you get the visual from the movie and it gives you the chills.

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I love his books but there has never been a time that I've been particularly amazed at a book... All that I have ready have been totaly my type, but not mind blowing as far as plot

yeah, it's good. I saw the movie too and when I was sitting in med term class and learning about scoliosis I pictured zelda. creepy.

I love Pet Sematary! I must have read it 20 times!