Wanted By Some Of The Biggest Supergroups

People may or may not know this, but Steve was Jimmy Page's first choice for lead singer of Led Zeppelin, and he was also the first choice for lead singer

of Black Sabbath.  I'm not surprised at all, why wouldn't they have wanted him?  Jimmy and Tony said they would have killed to have him in their bands, not to say Ozzy and Robert weren't brilliant singers, but Steve was the best in their eyes, at that time anyway.

Mick Jagger was astounded by his voice.  He once said, "Steve Marriott played and sang on "Their Satanic Majesties Request" on, "In another land" and I think on two other songs.  Brian Jones couldn't do his part, so we had Steve in.  He could sing like a pixie with the sweetest pipes, could've lead little children over a cliff with that side of his voice, and then he could bray like a donkey, gale force, and the power of his voice would turn your skin to ice."

I still love listening to Black Coffee, one of his best i think. :P


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Oh, Stevie was certainly the best and is STILL the best!! Haha. Yeah haha also the Rolling Stones as guitarist but Mick Jagger got jealous and knew Stevie was far more talented as a singer and he'd end up singing and upstaging Mick. What a shame. Small Faces definitely brought out the best in Stevie though, they all shared the same sense of humour, he and Ronnie (Lane) were great together, although Majik Mijits wasn't so great. A lot of people stole Steve's act (or tried,) but he didn't seem to care, "go on my son!"