During My Lifetime

I have kind of seen Steve Perry and his music; especially his voice, running in an out of my lifetime like a thread in a tapestry.  Like many, it started in high school; but continued into my adult life as he continued to sing my life story as it was evolving.

I have a genuine love for him, his music, his personality (what parts of it he shares with the public; I know he is a very private person). 

I remember standing in line in Fresno waiting for concert tickets during the FLOSM tour.  I met someone there and a connection was formed.  I attended a second concert during that tour and met another person and yet another connection was formed. 

There was a 7 year period I did nothing but pray for him...I had no confirmation of what was going on in his personal life, but I strongly felt he was processing personal issues and prayer was the best gift I had to offer.

I have been married, divorced, a single parent, a struggling student working on a degree and raising a son....and in all of it; I could still hear "The Voice".

At this time in my life I stuggle with profound hearing loss.  I am told by a professionally trained musician that at this point in my life THE ONLY SONGS I can sing on key (and kick a$$ at) is ANYTHING Steve Perry....his music has been imprinted upon my soul and into my mind so much that even though I can't hear the notes, I can hit them.

There will never be another gift like him.  He is an outstanding human being and a gifted artist and has made an astounding impact on my life.

And this past summer while attending Disneyland on my honeymoon (new hubby is a Perry fan as well) - guess who we ran into on main street at DL? :) 

There he stood; and my breath was taken absolutely away...........I was within speaking distance - and my mind went blank.  I was so concerned about his need for personal space that all the things I had stored up that I might have wanted to say; left me.  Completely.  I just stood there and as he walked away I started to cry.

*shaking head* that day was truly great.

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I would have cried too! Disney and Steve Perry??!! Are you kidding? Holy Crap! you lived my Dream!!!!!

I have permanent hearing loss, too, about 75%. I can hear music (when it's LOUD) but I miss so much! Mid-tones, subtleties that others can hear. I'm surprised that the hearing specialist said you could sing in Steve's range---I can't even get close! (35 years of smoking has alot to do with that, I know).<br />
You have such kind words for him, and I agree! There never will be another like him. He hasn't performed publicly or put out any new music since 1994-95, yet he has MILLIONS of fans, 4 generations of them! I heard from a 7 year old who loves him; I've been writing to a 16 year old in Sweden who is crazy about him---they don't get alot there, so I've just packed up a large envelope of photos, bookmarks, articles & information to mail to her, I know she'll be thrilled.<br />
I agree, I know he went through some sort of difficult period in his life not many years ago, maybe he's still in it but I don't think it's as bad as it was say, 5-7 years ago. (There was a "breakup" that hit him pretty hard about 2002). Why has he been so "unlucky" in love? I know that he's a VERY complicated man, a perfectionist (with music, for sure)---for all we know, maybe he's extremely difficult to live with! But Sherrie lasted 5 and a half years, another woman 8 years---how he kept THAT one under the radar is beyond me! I just want him to be happy, do anything he wants to do, there's no way I could ever repay him for ther magic he's brought to my life.<br />
I'm SO sorry you froze when you saw him at DL! I'm pretty bold, and in a circumstance like that I would not hesitate to walk up and simply say, "Mr. Perry?...." He's always been so polite, gracious, & generous to his fans---despite any negative aspects to his personality there may be, he is a class act!

Honey, I empathise...he gets me in that same way too...see my second blog from the bottom on my profile.