My Encounter With A Blues Legend

I never knew Stevie Ray Vaughan in person. He died 2 years before I was born. But I've learned about him from my awesome step father, I wanted to visit his grave in Dallas and we were able to because we were taking my cousin home in the same area. I never knew that it would change my life, forever. As we pulled up to Laural land cemetary, I could feel a sensation of exciement and nervousness almost like as if I was going to meet Stevie himself. I wrote a poem for him and left a rose and my words to him came out through a song called "If I Had Words (to make a day for you)" because it really fitted with what I felt about him. I told him after that "I love you, Stevie Ray, Love you as if you were my friend, I know you hear me". Then come to find out, Stevie's mother, Martha Vaughan died the day right before my grandmother and also my cousins' father is buried in the same cemetery. When we left (I even remembered this happening to many people who saw Stevie's grave.) A light sprinkle fell from the sky lasting about a minute. I knew Stevie heard me then and was saying to me, "Thanks Elaine, I love you too." I gave Stevie my love and respect and he gave me his love back (and he still is.) One night, I remember having a nightmare about a tornado that tore down my house but all through the dream I kept on hearing a song I didn't know what it was until I was half awake and still was hearing it! It was Stevie's instrumental song "Lenny". I just said out of no where "I love you, Stevie Ray." and amazingly I heard a voice whisper back "I Love You Too." That's when I knew it was him! Still to this day, I have some encounters with him and hear him on the radio alot. He has become my friend.
SRVangel92 SRVangel92
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012