It feels so good.  I try to be nice to everyone but there comes a time when I have to take up for myself.

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Just be happy you live in a world where you can make that decision. And by world i mean reality because we all have our own realities of what we see. Come down to my world and you have to fight to not be taken advantage of or harmed.

But it is not good for your self esteem. Jimmy taught me a lot of things and one of the things he taught me the most about was not letting people take advantage of me. He forever changed me in that way.

Naw i think you mean you don't want me to hurt your friends heh.

:) don't throw out challenges Ar. I know you are good but I don't want people to attack you although I know you don't care.

i dunno re-enforcements really get in the way. Only met two people good enough to go up against me. Use wit so advance you just couldn't say nothing back...

That is so true. I love my re-enforcements.

Well of course you have to stick up for yourself but it doesn't hurt for re-enforcements to arrive either.

I am sorry Mother.

THANKS Geode! I appreciate you and your positive comments here.

Well, it's one thing to be a kind, caring individual....and quite another to be a doormat. Good for you for acknowledging that there comes a time to stand up for yourself!

I will take a lot but one thing that Jimmy taught me was that there is a limitation that needs to be set. I am setting those limits and will only take up to that limit. When that threshold is met I will start biting very hard.

I totally understand what you are saying, fungirlmmm.