They Are So Sexy

And I don't mean just because I am a cross dresser. The Woman Who... lives upstairs has nice legs but when she wears her stilletos they are even better.
Her boots have stilettos

And regular pumps

And I would gladly worship them, especially if I could take a picture of me kissing the ones she was wearing
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having her around, seeing those beautiful high heels would make me horny all the time

LOVE those boots!! I'm more for strappy hooker heels.....I got them 5" hi too but the platform on these makes me think somehow...some way.....I'd fall off of em!! She's braver then me! My mom tells a funny story about tripping off her platforms back in the 70's.....maybe she just scared me!! :D


Fabulous heels sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Thanks - once with the wrong ID might as well continue.

you truely are a servant huh?

Oops - answering with my wrong ID but yes I am very submissive in real life. I have a long distance relationship with Mistress P and The Woman Who... lives upstairs is bossy - and I take it but we don't play. (well once)

Hand wash her panties and bras; go to 7-11 to buy her a candy bar; come upstairs to turn out a light in her space because she is laying on the sofa and doesn't want to get up - yeah, I'd call it a servant.

cool I guess if you like it!

That's what it's all about. Really shouldn't stay where you don't get anything. Yes I get pleasure serving the young ladies.

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