You're Not Special For Liking Snickers

I love my grub. It amplifies my senses. I am a verbal eater and make noises to show my like or dislike of food and like to pinpoint the areas of my tongue that have sensation. Now don't get me wrong, its not like every time I eat I am this attuned. It is just a once in a while thing. Anyways, as much as I enjoy food, I dislike talking about it. Only when talking to a good friend about another person could I pinpoint why:
Scene. In a car, a girl moves to the back seat and I force my friend to get in the back seat with her. This conversation occurs after a long car ride:

Friend: "You *****"
Me: "Yo I wasn't about to sit in the back, Im tired of making forced conversation. How were your talks with her?"
Friend: "I tried talking to her about school, but she said dumb one word answers. We settled on talking about food. You know conversing about the main sustenances of life."

Apparently, I then realized the reason why I hate talking about food. Talking about food shows how little two people have in common that they are driven to a point of talking about sole survival. At this point, I also realized I am an idiot because I have never had this epiphany before. Anyways, it sickens me to talk about food because I learn nothing about the other person and they learn nothing about me. The only way food can be taken to a worthy level is talking about stories surrounding food or perhaps what is disliked about food.

"I really like snickers. It hits my sweet tooth"
"Holy ****! Me too! We have so much in common"
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