My Encounter With A Secretary

i was in an office building going for a business meeting last week, i was in the office with this secretary. we were talking and she mentioned that she likes stockings and hels i told her i love them too. she slipped off her heels and put her stocking feet on the desk accross from me wiggling her toes teasing me. she asked me to smell and kiss them so i did they smelled great and i loved the way they taste in my mouth. after being in heels all day she put them in my face and asked me how do you like these sexy stocking feet in your face. i continued to kiss them she was loving it then the meeting started and i was left with the aroma of her stocking feet.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I wear stockings most days with silk french knickers as I do not like tights.<br />
It lets air circulate and is far healthier.