There is something about a woman in thigh high stockings and garter belt, it's so sexy, classic, and has an air of sophistication to it. As soon as I put them on I feel more feminine, glamorous even.
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American Witch...

I was happy to read of you writing about women in general wearing thigh-high stockings and a garter belt being so sexy and classic. I agree with you that a lady in garter stockings or thigh-highs have an aura of mystique and sophistication. I'm also glad to read that you feel more feminine and glamorous as soon as you slip them on. We need more ladies like you to be role models to those who prefer to go bare-legged or dress up as tomboys! BRAVO to you...


They are dignified, respectable, and incredibly sexy!

And you look so damn sexy wearing them also!!(YUMMY)

I agree, but never tried the whole get day I went in to the store with the intention of buying it all and got overwhelmed! LOL I never got them. I do like the way they look. Maybe one day!

stores are open tomorrow ...hehe

I hope to. Thanks for the encouragement. Will keep you posted. :)
Stephen, thanks for store hours! LOL

Yes! Stockings, garter belt, and heels. Screams sexy and sophisticated. A confident woman who knows she looks good!

Well put! Although... screaming may be a different topic altogether... [grin]

Lol! Well put yourself BigD.

You're so right! Sexy, classic, sophisticated, glamorous - all at once! Along with very feminine, and at least in this guy's opinion, oh so erotic! I'm so lucky to have a lady who enjoys dressing up for our "date nights" together, including stockings!

There is something about it, and I have no idea why! lol.