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Sexy Lingerie

When I was 20 years of age I realised boys liked girls in sexy underwear when they were groping me, so I started to improve my range of lingerie, in London there is a huge choice of seductive underwear so I started to wear more of it coupled with slightly more revealing tops and when not wearing trousers far shorter skirts, I am now almost 30 years old and have had a terrific 10 years of fun, I am still not married but some of the boys that I have met have taught me a lot.
I also  blessed that I have a very good body and I am very fit, I am 5' 5" with 36b breasts and average weight.
sally1981 sally1981 31-35, F 59 Responses Aug 18, 2011

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Sexy Lady!

Beautiful vision.

Sounds beautiful bb.. love to know & see more.

One sexy lady.

Wooooo sounds like your a sexy lady.

Dammmnnn... *hug*

You sound amazing and well grounded in who you are and what you are all about. You dimensions are awful inviting as well........

on behalf of boys everywhere, thank you for wearing exciting lingerie

Did you ever make one *** in his pants just by showing your stocking tops?

so did you sally 81?

Do you ever wear sheer nude or tan pantyhose?
(Aka tights)?

I wear none, right from childhood.. Just Jeans & have full control on my Ups..Guess What, I am hedonist ;)

It's always a thrill to see a woman in a short skirt and completely arousing to see her sexy lingerie

All this fuss over your nickers Sally!!! Lol

I love tight tight fitting skirts or dresses which clearly show the outline of the suspender belt. Nothing can be sexier! x

Num Num,,,very nice

I always have liked a woman that enjoys being admired by men for being and dressing like the true lady she is.

Sounds like you're thinking of settling down...

Not just yet

It's too bad that there are not more ladies such as you who understand what you wrote. Sexy lingerie is not only for the bedroom.

Amen to that...couldn't have said it better..

I am envious... England has the sort of lingerie that speaks to my most secretive fantasies. Pity my wife won't oblige...

You sound like a dream girl, Sally.

You are every mans dream lady, Sally :-)

Hi, glad to hear that you appreciate fine lingerie, us men love and appreciate it too, well this London boy does anyway.

How come we are not friends yet?

This sound exquisite to me. :)

I wear expensive silk lingerie every day as I like being well dressed, plus I can afford it as I have a city job in London.

I can imagine it looks very good on you as well. :)

...and you look very hot in your profile pic! Keep learning...lifetime learning...

I love sexy panties too

Still.. once you wield the erotic seductive power of lingerie and realize it's every man's kryptonite! We yield so easily.. suduced by silken leg or lacey bra top! Mmmm.. and love it too!

I like to seduce men wearing expensive silk lingerie

What do you think of men who like to wear ladies silk lingerie ?

Love expensive silk lingerie, especially being seduced in it. Wouldn't mind purchasing some very seductive & sexy silen things, if you'd consider erotically modeling them. After all.. I do love seduction.

Naughty girl mm

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Obviously an extremely sensual lady who understands herself so very well......

In that case - consider me seduced Sally.................

nice mental image there....!

mmmmmmm written on my birthday.........thank you! A woman of your 'vintage' is to be cherished as you have unlocked the doorway to passion and intrigue......what a joy it must be to know you-thanks again. I would like to be your friend if possible?