There is something very erotic, very sensual about slipping into sexy lingerie and slowly pulling silky stockings onto your legs. I love dressing up and feeling like a sexy woman. Most of my days are spent in comfortable lounge clothes being a mommy, housekeeper, cook, etc. I cherish those times when I can release that inner sexual beast who hides inside. For some reason, getting all dressed up helps me forget that I am a mom and remember that I am a woman with needs, fantasies, and desires.
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The kids always want you to be mom....if you're lucky, you'll find the kind of partner who helps you see past that. From a man's perspective, though, the stockings and the lingerie is a big help!

myself now i have always thought is when women at at there sexyness & have always want that :) but threw all my yrs. & 2 wives have just never had one that that was into it as you are :) good for you:)

long overdue, but thank you :) xo

Agree completely, LG! Lucky for me, so does my wife. I think that putting on something elegant and sexy makes you FEEL sexier - and when you FEEL sexy, you tend to ACT sexy, and that just makes you more SEXY period! :)

:) thank you! It's amazing what a change of clothes can make, lol ;)

thankyou, its great somthing this simple can have such an effect,

It's wonderful isn't it, to slip into sexy lingerie. It's good to get away from all that parental stuff too and remember just what it was that got them here in the first place......tee hee

yes it is. Maybe it's that inner little girl who likes playing "dress up" combined with the woman who relishes her sex life. It's always fun and I think it makes the sex better. And I hear you on remember what made us parents in the first place...haha!

Yes, it lets us guys know...Game ON!

I know someone has thought of this,,,and it may not be very comfortable,,,but what if there was velcro tear away so when the moment was right it could come off in a hurry,,,I know the snap crotch is headed in the same direction,,, lol,,, that's just the man in me,,, we want everything NOW,,,no patients when we see our prey,,, some of us just charge in and go wild,,,but that's what whips are for right?...lol,,,"get back you beast",,," now roll over and kiss my foot"...lol my mind is running rampant now..sry for ruining the mood...Greg

lol...that's funny. They do have crotchless though.... hmmm? ;)

Yes,,but I only saw them when I was married,,,but I don't understand why my gf got so upset when I gave her my ex wifes crotchless panties to wear for me,,,,Like WTF,,,,,,LOL

Occasionally, when the urge is strong and neither of you can wait, I think the man has to just rip the panties off - and then take her lingerie shopping the next day to replace them. :)

As a man I can say that we really appreciate the effort when you do dress up! Nothing gets the blood pumping like seeing the love of your life all dressed up in black lace and nylons!

thank you :)

You sound very sexy. I love women in lingerie and being a mom makes you a MILF

LOL...thank you. I'm not sure I like the "milf" word. hmmm. I suppose it could grow on me. It's just hard to think of myself as that old :o

Nice story sweetie Sxx

Thank you Sharon :)