Fully Fashioned Seamed Hosiery & Garter Belts

As a long time married crossdresser, I always wear fully fashioned seamed hosiery and garter belts... I actually detest panty - hose.. They are indeed the creation of the devil....  My thoughts are as follows..
With being a crossdresser and "sitting to pee" take this scenario into consideration...
You go in to pee, you pull down your panties, then struggle to take down your panty hose, pee, wipe, and then again struggle again to get your panty hose up, and then pull up your panties, exit, wash your hands, and leave...
Where as with wearing stockings / hosiery, you go in, take down your panties, squat, pee, wipe, pull up panties, exit, wash your hands...  No struggling or having to perform contortions.
Plus, if you "run" a pair of these ca-ca creations, they're "toast: throw them away... Whereas, if when wearing hosiery, you "run" one of them, you just replace the one, and have a spare on the go, so basically  you have three pair for the price of two..
And needless to say the quality  of hosiery is far superior to that of panty hose..  And the gusset on the latter, is something else - you may as well put. some number ten sandpaper in its place...   How un-feminine these things are..
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2 Responses Oct 15, 2011

..............AHH the freedom too with the gentle tug of garters, a thing of beauty!

i love black stocking's with a seem at the back thay feel so good with my corsett on. x