I Wear Them Well!

I know I tell you that I wear my stockings for you, and that it is only because you love them so much.  But if the truth be known, stockings make my pulse rise and my heartbeat quicken. I love the way they feel so silky against my soft skin. I love how they seem to caress me as I carefully pull them up over my ankles, past my knees, and up to meet my garter belt. I love the way the different patterns look against my skin and I have so many: lacey patterns of roses, hearts, or other feminine patterns, seamed up the back with that sensual line leading to my most intimate parts, or fishnet that I constantly fantasize about you ripping them from my body with your teeth.  If the truth be known stockings make me feel sexier, more sensual, sexually fearless, and erotically charged. I love your reaction to fine lingerie and how your eyes seem to fill with lust at the site of the top of those stockings. I long to feel your hands sliding up the silky material, never stopping until I am moaning out into the night air breathlessly. Yes, my stockings- I wear them for you, and well for me too. ((giggles))

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I continue to be shocked that this enticing and sexy story only has 19 rates! Ah, the mental images... :)

You had me at ..." I love stockings..." .

I love it. They are so sexy, just something about them. ;)

wow that was very sexy!!!

Okay, FunGirl, no more reading your writing this morning. I think my blood pressure just went up about 10 points.... ;)

Wow, not sure I've EVER heard a better description of stockings! Every woman should read this, and then maybe more would wear them more often, like you (and fortunately for me, like my wife!) :)

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

i also wear them for me have been wearing heels panties and hose for over 20 years


I love you are wearing for you own please too, thanks

Lol, Funny the stocking are the topic because my wearing some last Sat night is reason for my joining this site. A black male friend that I had not seen in 4-5 years made comment on my stocking that eluded to much more. It took me aback but I did leave him with knowing how much I enjoyed his thoughts and comment.......Maybe more!!

I love wearing stockings to, you write a good story, I liked it.

I think I just gained a new appreciation for stockings! Yowzer! great story.

id love to see those stockings and you maybe we could trade picks through texts just let me know

The SGT wouldn't like that much but I appreciate the offer.

Hehe! I think he knows it by how excited I get putting them on.

Oh Stony... there are no winners and losers in this scenario... only friends and lovers... so everyone is a winner.

Well, I lost the race. I'm sure you are better with the winner.

I didn't do that at all. At least I didn't think i said that.

That is where you placed me. I obviously didn't win. But, the prize is so special, I may have aimed too high.

So you are a show horse?

I fooled you, but thanks. "Sweet and adorable" is the equivalent of "show" in a horse race.

You are a sweet and adorable man.

Unfortunately, for me, the attraction is all one way.

Many many years.

Many many years.

Well, as you know, I am a fan of yours from way back.

As always! :)

Just being honest Ma'am.

Awww thank you Stony.

Whomever that is intended for is fortunate indeed.

I wear them well and I wear them often. :)

Very hot! i love this too even if i wear them when alone.

LOL I literally have one chest in my closet (7 drawers) that is nothing but lingerie, stockings, and socks. Those are my favorite things. :) You are welcome to any I have not yet worn.