I Know I Know! Im Only 13

but i have put on lingerie before. it felt so comfortable even though it is very revealing.hell! one time i tried it on and my (ex) boyfriend walked in and of course he fell and got concusion as soon as he woke up i was by his side still in the outfit. i had totally forgot. i was just trying to keep him from like going into trauma or something else and he looked at my boobs! x3
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cootie 911 ... I know exactly what you mean as I attended an all girls school when your age ., where for a minor medical condition , I had to obey doctors orders to always wear an OBG or garter belt . with stockings , never pantyhose , above the strong ob<x>jections of the school authorities. The school had a minor celebrity on its hands amongst the other pupils which never waned , and like wildfire , the news spread across the road to the all boys school ......like you and your B/F , it seemed as if some of the lads were in a a trauma .

What do you mean i'm only 13, i was 8 or 9 when i started wearing tights. Don't be ashamed nor afraid of who you are.

thx but i put on my moms "special" wear not tights.

Special wear? Either way, what ever makes you happy ;)

Keep dressing that way and you will have men (and some women) willing to do ANYTHING for you.

nah. i want guys who luv me for who i am.