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Feels So Good

I often wear my girlfriends panties and pantyhose under my jeans.I find them more comfortable than my own and we even share a drawer for our undies.We are about the same size anyway.
SatinBritches SatinBritches 51-55, M 2 Responses Jun 26, 2012

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My wife and I have separate panty and bra drawer but a mutual pantyhose/camisole drawer. I am a contractor and was working a project during the winter. The cold wind would just cut right through my jeans. She bought me pantyhose to wear saying they would be warmer. They really felt good. She also had me try one of her silk camisoles. It kept me warmer and felt really nice as well. When I told her how good they felt and how I enjoyed wearing them we went to Macy's and bought me/us several camisoles and pantyhose to share.

I do the same everyday in winter, so warm yet feels so risqué.

Same here ... my wife and I have a mutual panty drawer and share whatever panties are in there. Quite often she likes to wear a pair and then leave them for me to wear the next day, which I happily do.