There's Nothing As Nice As A Girl Dressed For Sex

I love wearing sexy & erotic lingerie. I have over 100 negligees (that I made my husband buy me to wear for my lovers), & at least 250 sets of VERY sexy underwear, (bras, panties, suspenders, "G" strings, thongs, crotchless panties, -- again, all paid for by my husband for my bf's pleasure!).

I think a girl should always dress for sex, - nice underwear & a sexy negligee, stockings & heels. I think most men appreciate & want their girls to be "gift wrapped" when they ****.

I know my men like to see (& photograph) me in sexy underwear, & they say the time it takes to very slowly undress me to get at my breasts & ***** makes the thrill even greater.

I like being ****** when I'm wearing heels as I like to dig my stilettos into the back of my lover's calves, spurring him on to a mighty ******.

So girls, -- if you REALLY want to please your man (or men!), -- dress for him/them!
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7 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Thanx for sharing this story! I love when the guy undresses me. Can't be too fast though, he's got to be slow and caressing about it...turns me on good.

love the advise here, very hot, thanks for sharing

Trish, as usual, you are 100% correct!!

I agree - sexy lingerie, stockings and stiletto heels just make it all that much better. I also think leaving it on during the act is better than being naked.

Such a great story - I love the idea of dressing for sex, and the heels digging in would be gorgeous!

I hope you make your hubby shave you and help you get ready for your lovers. Heels just really do it for me, they are the pinnacle of feminine s*xuality!

Seeing a woman in sexy lingerie is such a turn on