Pizza Man


Last weekend we were relaxing. We decided to tease the pizza man as we have done before.

Sue will pick out different outfits to answer the door in some you can see on our posted photos.  No matter the outfit Sue picks its always some form of lingerie and most of the time includes stockings.  We both enjoy Sue in stockings!  When the driver comes I stand out of sight watching Sue answer the door and greet the driver and watch as things unfold from that point.


This is not the first time we have had Sue teased and play with the pizza man.  Though each time we do this we are always meet with different reactions from the drivers.  Some don’t know what to do and are stunned others act uninterested and some look for a invite for thing to open up to more.  We do this ever so often and will cycle through different pizza places so we do not get fully known be one specific place. 


This time when our pizza arrived it was a driver that has seen Sue before and last time his reaction we to just stand there with a grin starring.  She invited him into our home in our foyer and this time Sue told him he could touch her if he wanted.

This guy is in his 20s and acted like he was seeing and touching for the first time.

I was peering out of sight watching. He touched her breast then his hand moved his hand sheepishly lower on her body towards Sues kitty. She smiled and said it was ok.

We have a couple large dogs who decided to get in the way so Sue told the driver to give her a moment to put the dogs away.  Sue returned and his hands were again gently touching her. Sue said to the driver if he liked and had the time she could help him get more comfortable and stay for a while longer.  He told her he would make time because he has been dreaming about this since last time.


Sue guided him into our family area and started removing his clothes as he continued to enjoy Sue’s body.  With his pants off  he was rock hard. Since at this point Sue was sitting and he was standing , his **** was right in front of her face and she began kissing close to his **** before taking him into her mouth.

The look on his face I thought he was going to pass out or explode right away. After a few minutes she stopped and laid back on the couch with her legs apart. He placed himself between her legs and I watched as his **** disappeared into her *****.

It was  extremely hot watching as many times things do not progress this far with the driver. The sight of his **** disappearing into her kitty was driving me nuts. She began to moan as he pumped her slow and deep. moving faster as they got worked up. He started to pump faster and harder and I could hear Sue loudly moaning and told him it was ok for him to *** inside of her. It sounded like an opera with the all the moaning.

Most guys are not as verbal when they *** as he was, she was telling him how good his **** felt and he asked Sue again if it was ok he came inside of her.  She assured him it was ok and he told her he was going to ***, to that she answered yes yes I want to feel you fill me as they were getting louder. when he was done , they kissed for a minute and he pulled his **** out and I could see thick white *** on his shaft. Sue sat up took him into her mouth again cleaning his ****. He then got dressed and left saying no one was ever gong to believe what just happened and he hoped he would be called to deliver an order here again!


When I came back into sight Sue looked at me and said. "you enjoy the show”. Standing now I could see the *** dripping form Sue’s kitty.  We both went into the shower to clean her up a bit and then enjoyed a hot session of our own releasing the built up excitement form playing with the pizza boy.


We do worry a bit about the unprotected sex but Sue and I have agreed if the person looks clean and taste/ smells clean before she lets them enter her kitty with out protection it lessens the chance she will get any unwelcome surprises.


We know this is still very risky but I suppose its part of the thrill and I like to see others *** in her and she does not like condoms so for us it works.  We just hope our luck does not run out form playing dangerously like this.


Just in case Sue gets tested regularly and so far so good as we also don’t want to be spreading anything to others!




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3 Responses Aug 12, 2008

I have two pizzas. One for each of you. Can I wear my stockings too or put on yours when we are finished?

Wow great story, wish any of that would work for me some day. Have fun.

can i *** be your pizza boy