It's Very Sexy and Feminine

 I love it, just going to a store and buying for lingerie makes you feel sexy... wait until you wear aceleration

Bambola Bambola
31-35, F
8 Responses Oct 1, 2009

I too get excited when going shopping for sexy lingerie or getting it as a gift. Then when I get some new lingerie my wife always insists that I model it for her ... what a rush that is!

Shopping like you do is a journey of exploration. You find new that things that define who you are. Keep shopping!

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i am a crossdresser also shopping for it while wearing it is such a turn on

I love the way you are thinking.

I'm a crossdresser, and the only difference between what you said and what I feel is ... well ... there is none! Are you sure you're not one of us!? Thanks for understanding and being you. Great minds "do" think alike! Smiles.

i love buying lingerie too

Sounds very sexy and yummy......