Lingerie, Adds Fire And Intensity To A Women

I've always enjoyed the sight of a women in lingerie and stockings.  It can create so many different fantasies, the white lacy lingerie that sets up a fantasy about innocence, Black and silky with stockings that shows confidence and experience, passion and naughty red.  Oh so many different possibilities.  I am recently lucky as in the past my wife was hesitant about lingerie even though she has an incredible body and enjoyed dressing sexy in public, she was always cautious in the bedroom.  recently she has begun to explore a little more and i couldn't't be more appreciative.

truecurious truecurious
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Buy her something sexy and leave it on the bed with a love note. I guarantee she'll be happy to wear it for you.

Have you told her that is what you would like to see?