The One Who Has A Penis Is Always The Boss.

I had been seperated for six months and felt like putting excitement back into my life so I began answering some of Men Wanted personal ads that women had put in. It was out of boredom and sheer devilment but eventually I fixed a blind date up with this lady who sounded really nice on the fone.

Thankfully when we finally met up she didnt hide the fact that she was pleased with me. Its a real relief when you had turned out a lot better than she was expecting. It didnt matter to me what she looked like as long as she wasnt a monster so we had a night out and to be fair we got on great because I no how to make a woman feel at eaze and comfortable with me quite quickly but all the time she making referrals to sex and I wanted to get to know her as a person but she was unashamedly gagging for me to take her to bed. When we got back to her big empty house she disappeared upstairs for a good 30 minutes. Then she came into the candle-lit room I was waiting for her in. I hadnt had sex for over seven months and I was sitting on the thick carpetted floor and she walked up to me in a dominatrix fashion and looked down on me. She was wearing a ankle length black pvc stylish long coat. She put her hands on her gorgeous hips and looked at me with a dirty smirk on her face. Looking down her body from her very small breasts but both tipped with the most juicy looking erect nipples I had ever seen.

She had black suspenders on holding black fishnet stockings with a small pair of black panties over her groinal area. She asked me firmly if I should stand up. I had never been dominated before by anybody but my sexual responses were immediate. I stood in front of her and she stepped back and gestured for me to ***** off for her. I had been training very hard to get back into shape so I had no qualms about her seeing my body. She took hold of my erect **** which seemed to be staring with its one eye at her and she held me there for a while and then I took down her panties and there was the most gorgeously sexy site. Her fanny had a thick black bush of pubic hair and My face was mere inches from it as I fell to my knees at her feet.

I was so turned on for her that I moved her so she just lay on her back and I began to open her thick bush to taste her engorged fanny flaps which I immediately began to suck and kiss to make her gasp with the pleasure I was giving her. My own **** was never going to soften and let me nad her down that night so as I wanted to eat all that charged pink flesh my **** was still very erect and staring up from between my legs and I knew that she wanted it to be either in her mouth or inside her fannies hole which was getting so wet I had to gulp to keep swallowing it before it flooded.

Yes, I made her writhe in a agonizing hour and a half before she felt my teasingly hard and long penis finally sliding past all her vaginas trim and pink cushions of inviting pink flesh cushions and I slowly screwed her until she almost was begging me to screw her hard. Now, I thought, I am in charge now!!! 

51-55, M
Mar 5, 2010