Enough To Open My Own Shop...lol

I believe this is truly one of few addictions that I have. I LOVE sexy lingerie. I love to dress up in it all the time. It makes me feel "like a woman." LOL I go for the feminine, sexy teddies, bra's panties with garters...and my husband loves it too. : )

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5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Your husband is a lucky man. Woudl love to be him.

check out www.lynnlingerie.com. I LOVE their lingerie. GREAT deals and quality

my kind of woman!

i love lingerie on a women it makes them look beautiful inflames the senses makes them feel speacial and beautiful

There is definitely something incredibly sexy about a girl dressed up in sexy lingerie! I think it is all about the potential and what could be about to happen.