My Ultimate Stockings Experience

I've been fascinated with & loved sheer nylon stockings since I can remember being a child seeing the sheen of the nylon texture clinging to my mother's legs! My personal admiration & experience began one day during my childhood when I sat at my mother's feet under the kitchen table attracted to the noticeable texture upon her shapely long legs. It was then when I reached out & touched that exquisite texture that captivated my attention as long as I can remember! I know it wasn't sexual as it would be once I reached puberty, but I know I loved what I felt! Surprisingly... my mother didn't stop me from touching until she had to get up to do other errands or chores. From then on I often sat at her feet under the kitchen table gently touching & caressing that smooth & rough texture clinging to the silky skin of her feet long forelegs. I think I stopped this practice when I began my kindergarten classes at school, but I was still mesmerized wanting to know more as I grew up until one day seeing her pull up the hems of her slip & skirt to "adjust" the stocking tops! It was then I found myself obsessed with her nylon hosiery & the lingerie she attached them to! 

One such moment was a school age kid at the point of being overly curious how my mother 'clipped' those hooks to the welts of her stockings most school mornings when I was able to peek in on her. It was a routine ritual of sorts with my mom being up earlier to see dad off to work before getting ready for work herself & waking me up for school. Most mornings mom came in to my room placing my clothes on a chair to be worn before coming to my bed side shaking me awake wearing a white brassiere with a matching half slip. I eventually took notice of this as I got older being fascinated with the cleavage of her breasts hanging in the cups of the bra & how they quivered as she moved about! As she walked away leaving I'd see the faint image of white full panties or a girdle beneath the slip, which really told me what type of stockings she was going to wear. I take pride & excitement in figuring this out, but I'm sure most kids my age at the time would think I was either weird or perverted!
Upon mom's departure from my room to make up her face at her vanity, I'd get up quickly to wash up & dress listening when she'd get up from the vanity to sit on her bed. Then I quietly sneaked to her door way to peek in to watch her get a pair of nylons from the drawer of the night stand with the soft glow of bedside lamp on. I knew if she had panties on she would wear garterless stockings with a nice narrow lacy elastic band at the top. If I saw what looked to be a girdle of some sort I knew she would be wearing nylon stockings that were attached to garters. I always found these moments to be magical watching mom take a nice pair of stockings & shake them out & closely look at them as the sheer texture flowed over her fingers & hands. I explain this in better intimate detail now than if I were a kid then just telling you she took out her stockings & put them on.
It was the way she slipped on those stockings that magically aroused me as I watched. Thinking back I thought it was simply sexy, but now I really appreciated every little movement she made in the way she prepared the stocking to be slipped on. I loved how she gathered up the sheer nylon within her fingers bunching the length of the stocking with the reinforced welts until she got to the reinforced heel stopping before the dark toe. As this went on I also took notice of the undies she wore being the white bra & slip wondering if they felt as nice as her nylons since some parts seemed to shine in the glow of the lamp like her stockings! In short I'd take in the image of my mom admiring her feminine figure in whole being enclosed within the sensuous nylon lingerie.
With the gathered up stocking in hand, mom crossed her bare fair-skinned leg over the other arching her toes & foot as her foreleg came up as she stretched out her arms to insert her toes into the tan hosiery. As a kid I was amazed & somewhat excited seeing how the color shade of some nylons made her legs look so nice & alluring! As I peeked in & watched in awe with growing excitement my mom gently adjusting the reinforced toe of the stocking over her foot pulling it up to adjust the dark heel making sure it was even on both sides of her ankle. As much as I've enjoyed the memories of feeling her feet & legs as a "baby," I still feel embarrassed in saying I'd begin to feel myself swelling as I watched my mom gently, but quickly pull up the sheer nylon to her knee as the leg came up into the air as she pulled it along her full thighs under the slip until stretching & pulling on the stocking welt to clasp the front clip of the girdle to it's spot.
This day among a few, I guess I was reacting badly somehow either gasping or breathing differently or whatever it was... my mom looked up asking out if I was at the door. I'd hide from view, but mom insisted she knew I was there calling me to come out. I did so hesitantly feeling awkward since my mom has warned me that I shouldn't do this. She'd wave me in patting on the bed for me to sit beside her as I noticed her slip was still up at the top of her leg seeing that garter tugging the welt making it stretch. I know I liked it when I sat close to mom in this situation since I really got excited as well as seeing her legs & stockings much closer! This day was no exception, but my mom asked me what I was doing. Of course I said nothing as she hugged me lightly telling me I was there looking at her put on her stockings! I know I blushed crimson feeling my head burn off with embarrassment.
I recall asking her this one morning why she dressed up wearing stockings & she quickly answered in her motherly way as she always did to my inquiries during my whole life. She explained she liked looking good when she worked at Sears as a clerk in a variety of departments. I LOVED it later on knowing she worked behind the counter selling the Cling-alon stockings that came with a few pairs nicely boxed seperated with tissue paper & banded! I know this, because she had a few boxes in her lingerie drawer that I browsed through opening such boxes to examine the stockings within. She also mentioned one time that it was an effort to look nice at times depending on where she was going & why. She did say she knew of some people liking to look at her legs when I blushed again thinking she meant me.
Anyway... my mom took the other stocking in hand telling me what she was doing. I recall her say she had to gather up the sheer stocking carefully in her fingers, because the texture was a bit delicate as well as gently pulling it up her leg trying not to damage it with a rip or snag. I knew then what a rip was, but not a snag until much later. I watched in awe & excitement as she repeated the same procedure as the first stocking until she clasped that mysterious metal clip with a little button. I asked what those were & she replied in her way that it was called a garter attached to her girdle that held up the stocking on her legs preventing them from falling down. I understood that since I've often peeked in on her unclasping her stockings to see them gradually slide down to her knees or lower as well as when she "adjusted" her stocking tops at times. I tried to see how she attached that thing to the stocking top, but she was quick & swift doing it. My mom noticed me looking & asked if I'd like to see how the hooks worked as I nodded yes.
Since she clasped the two front hooks, mom stood up facing the lamp pulling up the right side of her slip as I looked mesmerized by how nice that nylon looked on her leg & I even told her so! She laughed & hugged me before lifting the slip up again moving closer to me in order to watch her movements. I know I was excited as mom told me to watch as she tugged on the stocking welt pulling it up to the little strap on the girdle with a button on it placing it below the dark welt & pulling that button further to slip it into the bigger opening of the metal clasp & pushing downwards. It was one thing listening to her explanation let alone trying to watch how she fingered the mysterious thing on so deftly. She asked if it looked as simple as it was, but I said it was too much trouble. That's when mom told me when she wanted to look really nice sometimes going out with dad... it took a lot of trouble & effort to dress up nicely in the manner she was doing today & most mornings for work.
She turned around facing away from the lamp pulling up the left side of the slip as I watched the hem rise above her leg to the open girdle as she practically stood between my knees & carefully showing & explaining how she pulled the stocking up slipping that button under the welt tugging it higher to slip it into the metal clasp & downwards displaying her work before dropping the hem down! She made it look so simple & easy, which of course she did so from years of daily practice. Then she turned with her backside to the lamp telling me to try it on one of the rear garters. I was so surprised with shock I was speechless & did not move or say a word until she faced me again. Mom was serious as she tugged the shoulder of my shirt getting me on my knees with the glow of the lamp beside me as she turned around hiking up the hem of that white slip to her open girdle as I looked in awe at the seamless sheer stockings clinging to her shapely legs! I looked down at her ankles & calves seeing how nice her legs really were until gazing up to her motherly thighs where the back of her stockings were kind of held down by the slight bulges of the bare skin above the welts while the sides were tautly pulled by the sexy mysterious garter clasps!
My mom looked over her shoulder telling me to remember how I saw her do it & would explain it again guiding me as I did it step by step. As she held the hem up past the open girdle I got a glimpse of the white panties peeking out on her shapely fanny. I never dreamed of being in this position let alone being so close to her legs in stockings & seeing her undies beneath. As my mom guided me to pull up the stocking welt I felt so overwhelmed my fingers began to tremble & shake. I know I was doing a terrible job clumsily trying to do what she was telling me to do until she brushed my hands away telling me to watch closely again as she gartered the stocking much slower for me to understand. I was still shaking & excited not recalling how I really felt, but I knew I liked what I was seeing & feeling. Mom finally held up the slip's hem high looking over her shoulder as I tried doing the sixth clasp on my own with her guidance. I was still shaking somewhat, but nervously excited as mom explained each step carefully guiding me to attach that last clasp to her stocking & showing me what trouble it was for her to dress like this at times.
This was another one of those rare moments being so overwhelmed by the sight of my mom's legs in the stockings I loved seeing. I was so excitedly mesmerized in awe at the moment with the fingers of my hands on the clasp & welt of her nylon stocking that I began shuddering in delight leaning against mom's thigh with my face near her hand still holding up the hem of the slip! As I think back I feel ashamed climaxing with dry spasms & convulsing against her leg as I relished the softness of the nylon texture as well as grasping onto my mom's stocking thighs as though it was a security blanket. I don't know what quickly happened then, but I recall my mom brushing my head & pulling my face closer to her leg. The one thing I do remember clearly is that mom called me, "baby" sometime afterwards & telling me I should feel better now that I finally helped her dress up knowing the trouble she goes through!
This was & is one of my favorite moments I spent at my mom's side, because unlike peeking in on her & just looking as she slipped on her stockings... I actually was a part of it all having my hands actually touching her & feeling the exquisite texture of the girdle as my fingers brushed along the nylon-lycra as well as the bare skin above the stocking tops bulging slightly out of those wonderful nylon stockings that I found myself mesmerized with.
As I close this episode I still feel a bit awkward not knowing how most of you would react to this one of a few episodes of my childhood moments with my mom. I know I'm going to feel this way every time I want to share a memory & experience, but all I can do is hope that you understand my attraction & intrigue to my mom's legs in the stockings she wore as my fascination grew with age towards her feminism as well as her other pieces of lingerie that I found as alluring as her nylons! I will also say I feel a bit "dirty" if not "naughty" in climaxing in my childish way to her in such circumstances, but it became more enjoyable in later life with girls & women wearing stockings until the advent of pantyhose.
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Oh my! Beautifuly written description of your experience! My experience was very similar but I could never convey it as well as you have. Mom liked having me help with her rear garters often as it was hard for her to reach them. She seemed to be amused at how excited and nervous I'd get. This ended about age 10 when she switched to pantihose. I've never been able to get any of my girlfriends to wear gartered stockings, so now the only stockings I get to atach to garter clasps are the ones I wear.

hello love the article

I have a fetish for woman's stockings my mom wore them too

fantastic story. Great detail. My Mom wore the same items and I got my start at loving to feel them and fell in love in how Mom's stockings felt on my boyish legs. Mom did not like me experimenting with her things. Lots of angst involved. I love stockings and garter belts to this day.

I've never really liked pantyhose and I think the reason has more to do with a grudge because of the way pantyhose had such a disastrous effect on classic lingerie.

I feel you reacted to femininity and beauty of action, rather like the popularity of the Elvgren pin-ups which captured this well. Some find similar captivation in the movement of a horse or cat. I like the ritual of dressing in stockings rather than the ugly motion yanking on of tights!

I like to think I reacted to the sensual beauty of my mother's shapely legs in the nude-colored nylon stockings tautly pulled by the clasps of the six garters of the girdle being worn that morning. I also enjoyed admiring my mother's legs during the day as she sat reading the paper or cooking dinner in the kitchen... the complexion of her legs were beautifully enhanced by the sheer nylons she wore daily. My mother once mentioned that she considered stockings being romantic as well as sensual and sexy and I couldn't agree more. I also have to agree with you, Izzy that the sensuous ritual of dressing up in stockings is beautiful as well as arousing compared to the struggling motions of pulling on sheer tights. I would love to know more of your personal thoughts about nylon stockings as I still enjoy the subject to this day!


Great story of childhood, eloquently told.

BTW you were responding to her "femininity," not her "feminism." I was also treated to a mother who made quite a ritual of dressing in what would once have been called "daywear" but is now "intimate apparel." It is amazing how quickly these things change. Madonna did quite a lot to destroy the mystique of female undergarments by wearing a gartered bustier as "outerwear" in 1980. I cringed when I saw this.

I Agree totally.

Thank you admirer 1950 for sharing your story in such an eloquent way that is respectful to our mothers. I have read your story so many times and found it so taboo and erotic at the same time and that is why it has such a profound effect on us.
My earliest recollection of my mother was how she would sit at her dressing table in her exquisite lingerie doing her make up and brushing her long black hair. The crowning glory was when she would extend her sleek long legs one at a time into her fully fashioned nylon stockings and just imagining the pleasure and enjoyment she felt as the sheer silky nylon was pulled up her legs. She would lift the lavish lace of her petticoat to attach the garter on an open bottom girdle to the dark welt of the stocking top. Then she would always check the seams to see if they were straight.
Before she left for work she would always embrace me pulling my head close to her chest. Her firm warm breasts were comforting and nurturing as they enveloped my face. Then she would kiss me leaving red lipstick on my cheek. Sometimes she would wear a sheer blouse through which you could see the decadent lace petticoat straining to contain her pendulous breasts.I was too young at the time to get aroused but I was mesmerised at the sight of my mother wearing stockings. I knew nothing at all about sex or ************ then but as I got older I became more obsessed and curious.
The first time I touched a pair of my mother's panties the slippery silky feeling was so overwhelming I had to put them on and instantly got a hard on. I used to wait until I was alone then I would go through her lingerie drawers.
One day my mother must have been in a hurry to get changed as her open bottom girdle, seamed stockings, full petticoat were on the bed. As I picked up the stockings and I felt the sheer and silky nylon I began to tremble with excitement or maybe it was the just the fear of being caught but I knew that there was no turning back now. I put the girdle on and the tightness of the satin panel pushing down on my stomach made my erection poke out from underneath the bottom of the girdle, which felt really erotic. As I had seen my mother do so elegantly before I pushed my foot into the dark reinforced toe of the silky nylon stocking and pulled it up my leg which felt like electric. I attached the dark welt to the garter. When I had both stockings on I had never been so hard. I wanted to feel the nylon stocking on my rock hard **** so I went to her drawers and got another stocking and slid my bulging knob into the reinforced toe and pulled welt around my ball bag. I imagined that the silky reinforced toe was warm and slippery like my mothers vagina. I put on the petticoat and slid on her high heels. I stood in front of the mirror with a massive tent under the petticoat. I was trembling so much with anticipation of what it would be like to **** my mother. I lay down on the bed I started to slowly stroke my ****. The sheer nylon stocking rubbing on my fully engorged knob felt like it was going to explode. With the stockings on my legs and my **** I imagined ******* my mother with her stockings on and her legs around me. I would drive her crazy as I stroked her nylon clad legs and sucked on her massive **** as my **** penetrated deep inside her vagina pumping her full of my hot white ***. With every stroke my ball bag slaps the ***** lips that gave birth to me. Just thinking how I would **** my mother makes me stroke my **** faster until precum wets the reinforced toe of the nylon stocking. At the point of no return I pound my **** into the silky stocking which I am imagining is my mothers *****. My **** is contracting violently ready to shoot a load of thick white *** into the stocking and penetrating through the nylon with each intense ***********. The stocking is saturated. My first *********** thinking about my mother was the most intense feeling of ecstasy but I feel guilt and shame afterwards thinking about it and try to purge myself of these feelings. It has become a lifelong obsession even after I became a married man. After reading your story of the wonderful relationship you had with your mother, it is good to know that there caring people who understand and have shared the same experiences. Maybe we should celebrate what what we have with our mothers rather than keep it a dark secret.

Maybe civilization overly suppresses some natural growing up processes?

That's beautiful!

you put into words so beautifully expressing the same feelings I had as a young boy! Mom has always been very loving and cuddly toward me. She was never
reluctant to let me watch and even help her getting dressed, even into my teen years. Thank you for putting that into words!

Very well written, would you consider adding me so we can chat?


I appreciate the kind comment of my story well written, but it wasn't as intimate as I have described when I grew old enough to think out the details. I have added you to my circle so we may keep in touch of our nylon hose loving experiences.

I've loved women in stockings since as long as I can remember. When I was a pre-teen boy, my mother belonged to a bridge club with seven other ladies. The bi-monthly meetings rotated among the homes of the members. I could hardly wait for them to come to our house. The ladies were always dolled up to the nines with flowing dresses, seamed stockings and high heels. Often, especially in summer (there was no air conditioning) while at the bridge table, the ladies would raise their skirts often showing of stocking welts or tops, garter straps and clasps, and even a little bare thigh. While playing on the floor nearby seemingly amusing myself and causing no disturbance, I would furtively and intently study the display of shapely seamed stocking covered legs, tops, straps, and a little bit of white thigh. I always wondered where those straps went. It was quite a long time before I found out.

hello angieallan...
I can truly relate with you about your love for women in stockings since I've been fascinated with my own mother's since childhood. My mother belonged to a neighborhood ladies' club having the women come over also decked out to the nines in nice dresses/skirts, seamless RHT nylon stockings with high heels. I too often played on the floor admiring my mother's friends' legs cocooned in sheer nylon textures anxious to look up their dresses to see what held them up as well as seeing the stocking tops, garter clasps of belts and girdles with panties. I could imagine what most wore since I was fortunate to peek in on my mother when she slipped on her sheer stockings to such delightful undergarments that held the stockings up! I would also enjoy a childish thrill watching until reaching puberty.

I had a boy in a class I was teahing that I could make him do that, squeezing his thighs against himself, to the point of *******. I liked to sit on the desk and cross my legs a lot, just to tease the boys. He often left class trying to hide a wet spot with his books! It was so naughty and pervy of me to enjoy that!

I wish I had you as my teacher! I had an attractive mature teacher who often sat in front of the class with her shapely long legs crossed. She'd be to my left as I admired the inner thigh of her leg that was crossed with the other. With my desk at the edge of the room... I was able to "squeeze" my thighs looking at her legs getting a nice glimpse of the stocking tops trying to imagine if the garter clasps were of a girdle or belt. Either way... I usually ********** to her feminine charms wrapped in the fetish of my desires.

Works for me too... Good times ,

I for one, love your detailed stories of mom, dressing, nylons, panties, young erections...
I wonder f you ever got into a sexual position with your muse...

The allure of stockings will never diminish .

The allure of nylon stockings has never diminished for me as I continue to admire attractive ladies willing to show off their leggy charms,

I second that ...

Well written and a delightful story.

Thank you for reading my story as well as your kind opinions.


Your descriptive writing is truly talented! I think you are expressing so well what I imagine happened to my dad to draw him to his stocking fetish. He told me of a similar experience he had with his mother, but not at all as detailed and beautiful. It resulted in his livelong love of sheer nylon stockings which he would wear openly about our house. That is what influenced me to wear stockings instead of pantyhose and also to try to get each of my boyfriends to try on nylons. Often successfully, I might add. It is nicely empowering to be able to get a guy to wear girl's intimates! Also rather erotic!

Luv, Lana

Hello Lana...

I appreciate the kind words in how I expressed myself with my past experience. It was an event I'll never forget & often think about it at times. I never got to wear mom's nylons around the house, but I did have a few pairs of her old stockings to enjoy! I also liked wearing her panties at times too... VERY EROTIC & CLIMAXING.


I don't think there is anything wrong looking at or being turned on by seeing a female in stockings as they are the sexiest things every more and with a garter belt or suspender belt as we call them in the UK it is a bonus. Your mother or sister turning you on is no big deal as they obviously turn others on. I often saw my mother putting on her stockings which was many years ago and although it was while wearing roll-ons (check the net if you don't know what they are) and usually no panties as they didn't really go with roll-ons there was someting kind of sensual about it. As far as my mother was concerned seeing her in her underwear, partially dressed or naked was no big deal.
I'm not particularly bothered or embarassed about it but my sister did turn me onto girls and not because I wanted to 'do' here but because she looked so good in stockings.
I must admit we did play in earler years but that was all down to the learning experience from being spotty kids, to teens, to adulthood.
So yes be happy with stockings and do not be ashamed doesn't matter who is wearing them.

I loved your story, it so reminded me of some experiences I had. Hope you will read my story, too.


I read your story & the wonderful experience you had with your Aunt who seem to have teasingly slipped on her nylon stocking right in front of you! I envisioned that event in my mind getting aroused recalling my sweet moments seeing my own mum & her younger sister (aunt) slip on their own nylon stockings at times & ************ furiously until reaching a delightful climax as they clasped the hooks of their girdle garters to the stocking welts!

Did you have any other memorable events with your aunt or even your mum after that wonderful moment...?!


Yes, I have a number of stories...involving my mother, my aunt and other older women. Some involving pantyhose (or tights, if UK). Drop me a line at johnny9552 (at)


What a wonderful story I am glad I was born in the era were women wore stockings always,and that was my my mom also, when I was young I would sit by her feet and watch t-v all the while I would look up to see up her skirt,that made me very hard to see up her skirt and see her stocking welt, at times when we were out walking in the city she would tell me to fallow her into an allay and stand in front of her she would hike up her skirt and refasten her stocking that had come loose,all this while my dad and siblings were still window shopping,I loved it and I think she knew what it did to me,even when she would drop me off at school or a friends home when she got in the car you know a womans skirt always rides up well she would leave way up so I could see her stockings tops and her garter snaps at onr point I remember she she asked me I know you like this and she would sit at a stop light and refasten her stockings,funny thing she would never let her skirt ride up like that when my dad was in the car.
Now as time went on I remember her talking to a friend of hers and said she wanted to start to wear miniskirts, I thought yes to my self as she did have great legs,she told her my husband does not even look at her so she is going to wear miniskirts now,and she did and still wore stockings I loved it my dad did not and told her not to wear them,so she did not at least in front of him she did not but every time she would take me or my siblings out she would wear stockings and a miniskirt.

Move forward in time and I started to drive I would pick her up at work and at times a coworker would catch a ride with us,so mom would get in and then her friend and as always my mom was in a skirt not a miniskirt by this time,so she would slide over in the seat next to me and as luck or she would let it happen her skirt rode up to show her tops,her friend did not say a thing and after we dropped her off my mom would stay right next to me and not move over she asked me to stop a stores along the way home and when she got back in she would slide over to sit next to me as I drove, and as I did she would pull her stockings up and refasten them, all this time and I think she knew I loved to see her in stockings as I would peek on her as she would get ready for work in the morning,thank god for her she started my stocking fetish that I have now

What a picture you draw........I remember going shopping with my gram. We would go on the bus and I remember studying the woman around us as it was in the 50's and all woman wore skirts or dresses. I particularly enjoyed seeing the sun light up those extra shiny regular knit stockings and enjoying the range of colors that they wore. On occassion when they would slip over to leave the bus you would get glimses of slips showing usually and once in awhile a stocking top and garter.........mmmmm. When I started to wear I understood how wonderful stockings felt and the gentle tug of garters were reminders of those old days.

I was at a neighborhood friend's house when his mother, Marge, arrived home from work. She was wearing a blue dress that came down just above her knees. She wore cinnamon colored nylons over her shapely legs. After talking to us for a few moments, she sat at the kitchen table as we watched TV and began reading the newspaper. As she read the newspaper, she crossed her legs. Her shoe began to dangle by her toes and the heel of her foot began to appear. The nylons that encased her curvy legs had reinforced heels in them. I had the perfect view to watch as she slowly slid her foot out of her shoe.

Almost immediately, I could feel a sexual urge begin to build in my loins. Every glance at Marge's nylon covered legs or the reinforced heels of her nylons made my hardening erection tingle. Whenever I could steal another glance at her, I did. Marge’s luscious nylon covered legs were so sexy, she made me incredibly hard. Inconspicuously I tried to press it into a more natural position but Marge saw what I was doing. She quickly looked away. That brought me to the edge. I had to ********** over her. I walked to the bathroom with my fully enlarged erection protruding noticeably.

I gasped when I shut the door to the bathroom. Hanging in the bathroom were several pairs of nylon stockings that Marge must have hand-washed the previous night! I put my face in the curtain of her nylons and felt a sexual tension I had never encountered before. Here I was all alone in her bathroom, safe to do whatever I wanted with her nylons.

I took off all of my clothes and grabbed one of her nylon stockings. I wondered how it would feel on me so I slid it over my foot and pulled it up my leg. I was so completely aroused that I was quivering with excitement. I grabbed a second nylon and put it on my other leg. I squeezed my knees together, grabbed some of the loose nylon in my hand and grasped my erection. A jolt of ecstasy shot up the shaft. I had never felt so sexually aroused before. I grabbed another and slid my **** into one of her silky smooth nylon stockings. I could feel every thread glide across the head of my bone and down my shaft, coaxing my ***** from it. This wouldn’t take long.

As her reinforced heel approached the purple head of my raging erection, I felt my back begin to tighten. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to stop. I grasped the last few inches of nylon and pressed her reinforced toe against the head of my throbbing ****. Suddenly my balls began to tighten. My breath became shallow. I gasped as my sexual utopia started to reach its peak. I leaned against the wall of the bathroom and started to slide her nylon off and on my rock hard ****. Each stroke drove me closer and closer until it began to pump and pulsate on its own! I could think of nothing but Marge in her nylon stockings as wave after wave of my climax pounded through my body. I gasped and watched as my **** spit hot ropes of ***** through her nylon, totally amazed at how carnal I felt.

I looked down at the milky white ***** that saturated the foot of her nylon stocking. My erect penis was still pulsating as I slid off her nylon. Every time I began to remove it, another jolt of orgasmic lust caused more ***** to spurt out. After it was finally off, I closely examined her nylon. My milky white ****** had completely saturated the foot and streaks of my hot lust were plainly visible along the sheer leg. There was ***** on my chest that I wiped onto the thigh. I hung the stocking I had my way with where I found it. I was afraid of what she would do when she saw my ***** dripping from it. I got dressed and left for home right away.

The rest of that night I waited for the phone to ring but it didn’t. I waited for Marge to appear at the door but she didn’t. The next morning nothing happened either. My mind began to think about what she did when she went to gather her nylon stockings. Did she even see what I did? Every time I thought about her, I became aroused as I imagined her in that dress with those gorgeous nylons on.

A few weeks later, I stopped over to see if my friend was home. After ringing the doorbell a few times, it was apparent that nobody was home. I don't know what came over me but I grasped the doorknob and turned it. Their house was unlocked! I slightly opened the door and looked inside. "Hello? Is anybody home?" I said. No answer. I thought to myself for a few moments. Should I go in? Just thinking about the opportunity to do it rekindled my sexual desire for her. What if they come home and find me? What if Marge finds me and she is alone? What would she do? I went in and locked the door. I quickly searched the house. Nobody was home.

I ran to her room and ripped off my clothes. How long until they would return? I had no idea. I was already hard as a rock and scared as hell as I quickly searched her dresser drawers. The top drawer on the right held my prize.

I grabbed all the nylons I found and lay on her bed. I covered myself from the base of my erection to my neck with the legs of her nylon stockings. I grasped a brown nylon and wrapped it around my manhood. The frightened excitement of what I was doing was so sexually overwhelming that it took only a few quick tugs before a hot firestorm of ***** sprayed over the nylons covering my chest.

Almost as quickly as I climaxed, I got dressed and placed all of her nylons back in her dresser. On top of her dresser I saw a key. I wondered if it was for the front door so on my way out, I tried the key. It worked! I shoved it in my pocket and left knowing I would be back for more.

I wondered what she did when she opened her nylon drawer. It was probably in the morning as she rushed to get ready for work. Every time I saw her going to or coming home from work she was wearing a skirt or a dress. Did she put them on before she detected the evidence of my ******? Was she in such a hurry that she didn’t notice the my ***** surrounding her foot? On the other hand, did she notice the transparent silvery color on the legs of her nylons? Did she think it was something else, wash it off without a second thought or did she bring her nylon to her nose and inhale the scent of my lust before realizing what it was? Did my ***** actually touch her? My thoughts of her reaction upon discovering what I had done made me want her even more.

A few weeks later, I was watching TV on a Sunday morning by myself. I was thinking about my adventure with her nylons and was starting to pleasure myself when I heard a car door closing and its engine starting. Marge and her family were leaving for church. Nobody was awake yet at my house. I knew I had at least an hour before they returned. I only needed a few minutes. I peeked through the blinds as the car pulled away. Everyone was in the car so I was sure nobody was staying home.

When they drove away, I retrieved the key and casually walked over to Marge’s house. I rang the doorbell but that was only in case someone had been watching me. After a few seconds, I inserted the key in the lock, opened the door and went in.

I walked to her room and opened the drawer containing her nylons. I examined every pair of nylon stockings in the drawer. There was no sign of my earlier ****** in any of the nylons.

I completely ******** off all of my clothes and stood before her mirror. I removed a cinnamon colored nylon and began to slide it over my erection like a condom. The reinforced toe of her nylon rested against the head of my erection and the reinforced heel was near its base. I slid a second nylon onto my right hand. I took several other nylons from her drawer and lay down on her bed. I carefully covered every inch of my chest with her nylons. With my nylon-covered right hand, I held my erection and closed my eyes. I was so sexually stimulated that I knew it wouldn’t take very long before I came.

After less than a minute, my climax began. I held my breath and arched my back as my ***** pumped its way up the shaft. With a level of sexual intensity, I had never felt before, my ***** shot through her reinforced toe and onto the bed of nylons covering my chest.

I laid there for several minutes as my **** twitched and pulsated, pumping all of my sexual pleasure through the reinforced toe of her nylon. When I finally had nothing left to *********, I removed her ***** filled nylon from my ****. I carefully wiped every drop of ***** from my chest with her nylons and put them back in her drawer. I straightened her bed, put my clothes on and left undetected.

A few weeks after my Sunday morning climax, school was out for the summer. Marge’s husband had asked if I would cut their grass while they were on vacation. I asked how long they would be gone; he told me they were going away for two weeks. Immediately my heart began to race with the thought of being alone in her house with no threat of disturbance. I'm sure I was more excited for their trip than they were.

The day they left was perfect. There was nobody that would wonder where I was. I secretly watched them load their car with their suitcases. I was already so excited that I was hard as a rock.

Around eight in the morning, they pulled away. I thought about immediately running to their house but I waited in case they suddenly returned for something they may have forgotten. After about an hour, I walked outside and looked around. The neighborhood was quiet. Now was the perfect time. I casually walked to her house and went in. I closed the door behind me and took off all of my clothes.

I was going to be there a while this time. I opened her closet and pulled out the dress she was wearing when I had my first ****** in her nylons. I opened her bed and laid her dress on it. I lifted the front of her dress and placed a few pairs of her nylons inside the dress. I slid one of her nylon stockings over my manhood until the reinforced toe covered the purple head of my erection. I climbed on top of her bed and knelt in front of her dress. I gazed at her dress as I imagined Marge in it. I lifted the front of her dress as I lay on top of it. I held the dress and her nylons around my manhood for a few moments. The dress smelled just like her. I held my hand motionless and thrust my erection again and again through her dress and into her nylon stockings as if I was ******* her. I held myself up as the first fluids of my lust spurt through her nylon and into her dress. I thrust myself into her dress over and over until I was completely flaccid.

After I caught my breath, I rolled off her dress and looked at what I had done. My ***** had soaked through her nylons and into her dress. I lay on her bed as I gazed at the nylons and dress that I had just had my way with. I imagined that she was lying in front of me wearing the dress and the nylons that held my *****. Even though it had only been a few moments, I could feel the urges of lust beginning to rebuild inside of me.

After several minutes of recovery, I examined the nylons that were wet with my ***** and put them on top of her dresser so they would dry. I wasn’t through with them. I lifted up the front of her dress. My ***** had saturated it. I thought about seeing her in it after what I had done. I wanted to cover her entire body with my *******.

I hung the dress back in the closet. I looked through the rest of it. On the floor was a pair of high heel pumps. Her nylon feet had been inside of those shoes. I held one up to my nose and smelled the leather. I looked around the rest of her room. I noticed a photo album and opened it. One of her pictures in the album was of her sitting in a chair wearing tan nylons with no shoes on. I took out the picture.

I sat down on her bed and looked closely at the picture. Reinforced heel and toe nylons surrounded her feet. I reached into her nylon drawer and grabbed one that matched the color in the picture. I sat in a chair and began to slide her nylon over my erection. Once the reinforced toe was covering my purple head, I put her shoe on it. I thought about how her shoe hid her reinforced heels and toes from my vision until she was ready to expose them to me. I rubbed her shoe across the head of my nylon **** and against the base of the reinforced heel covering my balls as I thought about my ***** squishing between her toes. As my ****** neared, I held my breath as I imagined my **** spurting directly onto her nylon feet. I gasped as I came in her shoe with as much pleasure as my first climax. When I was finished, I took off the nylon that I had just used and coated the inside of her high heels with my *****. The next time she wore them, my ****** would surround her nylon feet.

The next day I went over as soon as my parents left for work. I opened the door and walked to her bedroom. I looked at the now dry nylons I left on her dresser. They were a little crusty with my dried ***** in them. So was her dress. I opened up her bed and took off all of my clothes as I started the second day of sexual fulfillment.

I grabbed a black nylon and placed it over my erection. I stood in front of her mirror with a full erection and her nylon on my **** as I opened her underwear drawer. I took a pair of black silky panties and lay on her bed. I slowly *********** as I dreamed she had a leg on each side of me. I climaxed through the nylon and into her silky black panty. I wanted my ****** to be as close to her womb as I could so I wiped every drop into the crotch of her panty. The next target of my climax was her bra. I filled each cup with the juice of my ******.

The next day I decided to look around the house. I found a pair of her underwear in the laundry basket and put them on. I went back to her closet and pulled out another dress that I had seen her wear. I put it on too. I put a pair of her white nylons on and placed a third one on my erection. I lay on her bed and came in them as well.

Day after day, I used everything of hers I found arousing to coax an ******. When they were supposed to return, I put everything back the way I had found it except with my *****. I kept the picture of her in her nylons without shoes and a single brown reinforced heel and toe nylon stocking.

I have simular memories but I would put stockings on if I had time alone or take them home and wear them. I did find opportunity to search for nylon treasure. I couldn't understand why girls/woman would wear mesh stockings that were 'rough' when rubbing your legs together vs. regular knit nylons. I especially liked the sheen and shine of regualr knit stockings. to this day I search for woman wearing finer pantyhose that have the tell-tale shine and I recall the pleasure of my youth searching for just the right stockings. like you I would fanticize about those very stockings being worn and gartered by the girl/woman whose stockings I lusted for.

I think that is so sweet. Your mom was an amazing woman i'm sure. I still remember my special times with my mommy. We were so close and loved each other so much. We did everything together and I learned sooo much from her. I am who I am today because of my wonderful mom.

Terrific story. Took me right into the room with your mum. ;-)

Good story. Did you ever kiss your Mom's feet?

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved your story, which has similarities with my own experiences. Watching my mother slide on shiny tan stockings, and attaching them to suspenders on her girdle (in USA this would be garters) would drive me insane as a boy. Later I would have to relieve myself having seen my mother's wrinkled stocking tops and garter belt on her amazing legs. Sometimes she would even ask me to check if her seams were straight. Even later, when I had girlfriends, if I had trouble with *********** I would just think of my mother in her stockings and I would just explode.

This story brings back some very interesting moments of my younger years. Seeing my mom wondering around the house in hers under things.

What a sexy story! Thank you for sharing. At the time that I was a kid, Mom wore stockings almost every day. I was in awe just looking at her legs, once in a while I would get to see her adjust her nylons, just that act had my imagination working overtime for days after. Now I love to wear stockings or pantyhose as well as other lingerie, there is no feeling quite like it!

What an absolutely beautiful story. I can remember seeing my mothers legs in nylons and thinking how wonderful those sheer, filmy stockings looked and wanting to touch and stroke them.One time she was getting ready for bed, kneeling on the floor putting her hair up for the night,she never needed a mirror.She had already taken her skirt off so I could see the lovely nylon pulled tightly on her thighs.I was lying on the bed and was just a matter of inches away from that lovely shimmery nylon. I wanted to touch and stroke it,I was lying on a hard on I can tell you.I think I did put my hand out and touched her leg,saying how smooth it was.I cannot remember what was said but I do know nothing came of it and she did not encourage me.It was not the done thing especially between mother and son (more the pity).Needless to say I was also into wearing stockings myself,when I could,I often wish she had allowed me to share the enjoyment with her.

I'm happy you read my story. I sense that you felt similar to myself when you looked at your owm mother's legs in the sheer stockings she wore being fascinated with the texture on her skin. As a mere child I've often sat at my mum's feet caressing her forelegs as I relished the soft texture of the nylon stockings wrapped upon her legs. Sometimes she'd chase me away... other times allowed me to feel & play with her legs as long as I wanted to. My mother also played, 'Shoe Store' with me being the sales boy knowing I loved touching & feeling her stocking feet as well as looking ******* at the clasped stocking welts. I will write up one of my memories of playing shoe store.

I would enjoy that type story too. upskirts are pretty fascinating to me too...

Dude - you are my hero. I wish I could remember so long ago... I wish I had paid more attention to details of my child hood memories that will never come again. I wish I could 'describe' feelings of my past and how I felt at the time of things I saw or could have seen...

I'm glad you appreciated my story. I have never forgotten most of the intimate moments I've enjoyed with my mum wearing the sensuous stockings she wore daily. Since my childhood years... I have many recollections of my mum doing something with her stockings as well as the moments I was allowed to touch & feel. I hope you felt what I did as you read my story.

well , if you mean did I get an erection and jerk off .. yes !!! I should have paid more attention to my surroundings and neighbors - but I already had enough trouble concentrating in school ; without the distraction of sexual tension going through my lil brain...

Wow, What a great read. I too started looking at my mum in her stockings. but only from the knee down once she was already dressed. I was fascinated by the seams at the back. I wish I could have experienced what you did. <br />
Thank you for sharing this .<br />

Thank you for reading my story. I've admired my mum's legs for many years since early childhood when she wore full-fashioned seamed stockings too. I often sat at her feet fingering her legs from the knees down when she was fully dressed like your own mum. I've also tried on my mum's nylons as well as other lingerie appreciating the sensuous materials.

GREAT story! I just love to look of stockings. They make a pair of legs soooo much sexier!

I'm glad you appreciated my moments. I'm glad to know you like the look of nylon stockings &amp; yes... the sheer texture do enhance the complexion of a woman's legs.