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well when i was a young teenager i would see my mom get dress she started out nude then bra pantys then she would slip on her dark tan pantyhose with her black dress heels then she slip on her knee high skirt & then do her hair & make up......
i was getting a ***** every day watching my mom then after she left from work id take 1 of her pantyhose & pull it over my privet part &
jerk off in them & think bout my moms pantyhosed legs then when she came home from work she would seat on the couch & cross her legs
& tell me how her day was so im seating at the desk stareing at my moms pantyhosed legs she then tells me her feet hurt & she ask me to rub her feet & so i slide my chair over to the couch & had on my thin sleep pants no under wear & i pulld her foot right up to my **** she still had on her heels i was rubbing her ankle & she says take my heels off & so i did then i grabd her other leg & placed it right aginst my privet part
& im just loving her pantyhosed foot pressing aginst my privet part then i massage her other foot & she she stops talking & looks at me & says
you like where my feet are i said yes she says i feel something throbbing i was like oh no she feels my privet part so i sumon up the nerve
& told my mom i wanna hump your pantyhosed legs she gasp for a ssecond & says oh really at that moment i jumpt to my knees & grab her pantyhosed leg & started runing my privet part all over her tan pantyhosed leg up & down both sides of her leg she still had on her office dress
& shes says to me dose humping my legs make you feel good i was in shock that she knows i like doing that
so i was humpping my moms legs for bout 1-hr...& she says what bout my other leg what you gonna do to it..i got up for a moment & pull her skirt up & told mom i wanna see your pantyhose thighs she raised up a bit as i pull up her skirt to her waste & i was like yes yes pantyhosed legs at my calling so i ask her to stand up & put on her heels again & she says why & i said i wanna show ya something
so she puts on her heels & stands up & says what know & say turn around place yer legs together so im back on my knees behind my moms legs & i press my whole throbbing privet part all aginst her pantyhosed cafs wrapt my arms around her legs holding them close to me
i started humping her cafs & licking on her thighs from behind she all in awe that im loving humpping her legs she then says to me are you gonna *** on the back of my legs that there got me so turnd on i said ohhh yea & then i pushd my privet part between her pantyhosed legs & began to thrust back & forth between her cafs this lasted for bout 1hr-1/2 & then i just busted a load all on the back of her pantyhosed legs
then she says to me you feel better now all i could say was yea i need a smoke now ....
then she went back to her room & i just wanted to see what she was gonna do i saw her rubbing my *** in on her pantyhosed legs
so i left & went to the living room to smoke & watch tv ......the end till next time stay hard be cool
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your are my hero buddy ! I am picturing your story in my head and your mom is sooo hot and sexy and fun and loving and did I mention sexy ? What a turn on of a story dude, Love, love, love it .... <br />
Wow, Had to stroke my own vieny shaft while I read your story. My balls are soo full of *** right now imagining you and mom playing together and your mom,..... rubbing your slippery hot ***** into her nylons in her room... what a turn on dude. Man you got me soo hot - I like to watch, reading is almost as good ... my fingers aretrembling right now ..... whew.... Thanks ...alot...