I Like Suspenders And Stockings With A Very Short Skirt.

I am a shy and decent girl, but I like it when the boys will find me sexy and look after me.

Usually I have often worn a t-shirt short shorts and sneakers.

But I realised boys liked girls in nylons and heels.

Accordingly, I am now often nylon stockings with high heels and a blouse that emphasize my breasts.

Sometimes I even wear suspenders and stockings with a very short skirt. The boys are excited, but my father should not know that.
carolinestevens carolinestevens
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My mother had me in them almost every day from 16 until I left home at 22

i am male and i love to wear short skirts and stockings x

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Stockings are wonderful, I have been wearing stockings and suspenders for over 40 years now, I never wear tights.

Well,I must admit to having carried out a lot of research into this subject and all I can say is ;
Glad I got that sorted!

i love wearing shiny stockings and long flowing satin skirts the feeling is absolute heaven

My wife was wearing a very short skirt for a neighbour's party. As we drove there, I noticed she was wearing suspenders under her black satin mini skirt, and we had a row about her flirty clothes.<br />
She told me to go home if I didn't like it, and she felt free to let the lads look up her skirt.<br />
I replied she could do what she liked so long as I could do the same.<br />
She attracted loads of attention after her first dance with a big lad who spun her round.<br />
Her frilly under skirt popped up and white suspenders held up shiny black stockings.Above her bare thighs were full back shiny white panties. <br />
I was jealous of the lads who all took turns dancing. The dj changed to slow smoochy numbers so the lads could feel under her skirt and enjoy the silky material.. She kept looking towards me to make sure I was looking at her knickers being explored by so many of the lads.. The dj put the lights down and she knelt down in front of her dancing partner. She pulled the zip down of his pants. Another lad pulled her little flirty skirt up her back so he could stroke her shiny panties.. I felt a hand tugging my zip down. It was a young dark haired pretty girl who guided my hands to her stocking tops. "Do you like frilly knickers?" she whispered.. "You haven't taken your eyes of that woman who's been flaunting herelf all evening."<br />
"I sure do. What panties are you wearing?"<br />
"Look for yourself," she whispered, sliding her slim body over my knee.<br />
I pushed up her skirt.<br />
"School girl white knickers are fine. "Have you been a naughty girl?"<br />
I started to gently spank her.<br />
"Yes, master. Your hands are so gentle. I love your touch. I am your sexy French maid for the evening. Your partner is watching us."<br />
"I know. She is a jealous *****. Let's enjoy ourselves!"<br />
Her partner spanked her white full knickers as my partner did the same. <br />
I exploded as she took my member in her mouth. <br />
A very good party!!!

These are about the most dangerous weapons a man can be confronted to by a woman: stockings and heels. Men start doing things they would not normally do. Be carefull with those weapons, we even could be on our knees before you, beging for a glimpse or a quick feel. But disregard this stupid comment, keep on wearing them !

Suspenders and stockings are addictive. But also many people talking about not wearing panties. I really get turned on by open crotch panties. Sexiest thing on earth. Am I the only one ?

It is a great head turner, short flared skirt, stockings and heels, it never fails, keep up the good work of teasing boys.

Sunshine, with your beautiful figure and legs it would be sin not to wear stockings.

I would love to put you over my knee and spank you in your panties.

Boys do get excited with girls that wear short skirts and stockings, I have noticed.

There is nothing better than stockings and heels.

T-shirt short shorts and sneakers can be just as sexy as nylons and heels. If you are feeling sexy people will notice by the look in your eyes. the smile on your face, and the way you move. What you wear is a bit like wrapping paper on a gift. Everyone know that the good stuff is inside the wrapping.

You sound terrific Caroline. Do let me know if you need any help? ;-)

When we play when away, my wife dresses in short skirt and stockings and suspender belt. We go out and pretend to be single, I love seeing guys hit on her while dressed like that.

wonderful my wife loves to wear miniskirts and stockings all the time we go out and no panties I love to see the look on mens faces when they see her skirt blow up with the wind it really turns me on and yes it is seamed stockings she wears and an anklet also

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When I was 13 to 15, I wore some other things. Sometimes I wore shorts or a short pleated skirt, so that sometimes the boys could see my panties. I tied my shirt in front, so the boys could see my bare belly.<br />
<br />
At 13 I had not dared to wear such a thing. But now I like it sometimes I wear similar clothes as you.<br />
<br />
It is also an exciting to wear nylon pantyhose without panties under an extremely short skirt...

Yes! I understand fully. I frequently wear a very shor miniskirt with black garterbelt and dark nylon stockings at rock concerts or clubs. It is an awsome look and gets a lot of admiring glances. I began wearing a garterbelt and sheer nylon stockings on dates when I turned 13. I loved how boys loved to sllip their naughty paws up along my silky stockings and find bare thigh at tthe stocking tops!