My Ex Gf And Stockings And My Fetish

Hi ever body. I am going to share anthoer experience. About my fetish . It was one night after a few drinks. I got talking to my ex gf . And she was great with my fetish . The next day we went shopping and she got new black hold UPS . And they were so thin and I love the feel of them on me . So that night . She dress up in 6 inc heels an#d the stockings . And a sexy top. I lay on the floor and licked her shoes . And then pulled them off . And she put the soles of. Her feet on my face and I licked them for hours untill the point if i could not take any more and empty my load all over. Them and then i got to wash her feet . Oh.... what good times if only I could find a girl the same . Aww. Well one day . Hope u guys and girls like a night in the life of me with my storie
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Women's feet are like a phenomenon out on their own....if beautiful,then we men have no chance......I know that I can lick and slurp on her feet for hours....but then again,anything a woman has I can slurp and lick for hours!

.....shhh! Freza!....don't let everyone know that we're's our secret!
Well it was until now!

I think feet are just another sensual part of a woman's body.

Every part of our bodies has a specific area that can be found on our feet,as 'Reflexology' has shown if you touch a precise part of a woman's foot,she'll actually get as excited as if you were tickling her breasts and it's not 'Just' another part of her body my friend,it's simply 'ALL' of her body parts concentrated into one!!!
Have a good look next time,massages,oils,kissing,licking.....she'll rise into the heavens with just by foot stimulation.....oh! yeah!

good answer thanks lol

But being in your circle means nothing,it's when we're smooching in a dark corner so that no-one can see how sticky my fingers are!

I love it when a girl says stop,but adore it when a girl screams "Stooooooop it;oooh!.....take it out!".

...but why are we standing here when we can go over to the room whee our whispers can't be heard by anyone......I'll be waiting foe you ...mmm! coming?

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Hi jaysoles.EP sent me a message on my email that this Group has placed me on its list of fans.I like it,but I wonder what the reason for this grace is.I guess I'll keep wondering for a while and then forget it.Nobody has thus far responded directly to me on anything I commented,asked or whatever.Anyhow,thanks a heap folks.

Hi. I am happy to answer any ur questions . Feel free to . Message me

Yes I love all pretty feet . I love the soles and when cover in nylons.