Stockings And Garters Are For Me.

I think a woman wearing stockings and garters are just about the sexiest thing a woman can wear. I want to see my special lady wearing them and nothing else. Her long legs accentuated by her high heels, looking like a goddess, giving me that "come hither" look that sets me burning inside.

She knows that she will take the lead tonight, smiling seductively, she crooks her finger at me, and smiles as I come and take her in my arms. Our passion builds and her legs wrap around me as I press deep inside of her, joining us together at a level so primal, so basic we shudder with the intensity of it.

We cu.m together and I love the cat that ate the canary look that spreads with her smile, satiated for the moment but thr fire in her eyes speaks that we are not finished for the night.
308shooter 308shooter
56-60, M
May 12, 2012