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I much prefer wearing stockings with suspenders, for a start it is healthier as air can circulate, most men find it far sexier than tights.
I wear stockings on my days off work.
juicylucy69 juicylucy69 22-25, F 36 Responses Aug 4, 2012

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Yes, thank you for wearing stockings. They do look sexy, and are sexier than tights. There is something to be said about the glimpse of the stocking top underneath a skirt. Also,like someone else asked, why only on days off?

I love a woman who wears stockings and knows what it a turn on it is for men, thank you for keeping this tradition.

Nurses used to get something called a 'stockings allowance' in which case the only proper thing to spend the money on is stockings

In bygone days.

Love stockings, are u into sharing pics of your nice legs wrapped in nylon ? :)

cant beat a nice sexy suspender belt and some high sheen stockings,and the trimming to go with them.

The art of seduction.

I also prefer stockings. I wear them with my dresses and skirts at work and ony time off.

Why just on days off? Why not wear them every day? ;-)

And in so doing you make the world a better place.

Stockings on a pair of gorgeous gams makes most mortal men catch their breath. Especially when a skirt / dress slides up so even more of those luscious apendages can be enjoyed, from afar or up close and personally... mmmmm ;)

Lovely post, thank you. As a man I can confirm we love stockings and suspenders, they are so sensual and send me wild x

Thank god for all you amazing ladies who like stockings and garters....they are soooo sexy!! Whose got some sexy pics to show off?

My mom bought me my first set of garters and nylons when I was about 12 and I've worn them ever since. And I agree, pantyhose just doesn't give the same thrill and I would certainly miss the little tease that each passing breeze brings.

Oh yes I do so agree with you. I wish more people felt that way.

Yes they are very sexy! :)

Lovely and so smooth

very nice indeed! I expect you get a lot of attention!

I agree stockings are more enjoyable to wear.

When Boss dress me in western clothes I wear stockings. I feel very sexy to be naked under sort western dress.

You must wear knickers with stockings.

knickers are not permitted except for my red days

No knickers allowed is this so Boss has easy access.

Boss and everyone who Boss says should have access

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I agree 100% and much easier access when the time comes. x

Hmmmm what a lovely thought.....knowing you are wearing stockings under your uniform.....would certainly make me feel better!

My preference has always been opaque tights. I have many colors. When I put on a pair with a short skirt I feel so naughty and sexy. However when it is hot I prefer garter stockings. I don't date much but when I do I like to dress up in them on the first date.I like to watch a guy drool.

Stockings certainly excite men.

Stockings and suspenders are definitely super sexy, both to wear and look at, but Lucy, don't underestimate how sexy many men find tights.

love stockings, and those who love showing them, hats off to you!

I like hold up stockings but prefer tights for comfort and support

Sorry dont agree .. Tights are fantastic ... Nuthin better than a lady rubbin her nyloned vag up an down ur **** ... Footjob even better ....if shes any good at them ... Sum ladies are to rough. .. My ex was usless at footjobs ..

I agree with stockings rather than tights, but far prefer hold up stockings. I really don't like suspenders.

I love the fact you enjoy stockings, I find them highly erotic on women. Do you ever wear thigh highs?

I love the look of legs in stockings and love to just imagine what is on under the skirt

Without panties I hope!

Sometimes panties or french knickers.

I like all the variations between full panties or a thong but I have yet to experience frilly knickers! I am such a lingerie fetishist that I just want to ogle and feel feminine contours in them and am reluctant to remove them.

French knickers are much sexier :-)

I usually wear stockings or in cool weather the tights with designs that go with some of my skirts. If I do wear pantyhose it is the crotchless kind.

Most definitely! Stockings with garters are the sexiest, and my wife agrees - much cooler and more comfortable especially in the summer. Nice to see a younger gal who enjoys and appreciates stockings and garters.