Tied Open

I love to wear stockings especially fishnets. I like having clamps put on my ***** lips and my legs tied stretched wide open. Hook the clamps to the top of the stockings so that I'm laying there **** and insides for anybody to see and play with.
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14 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Wow that is hot. Please add me as a friend

Loving the vision of that beautiful ***** open and waiting. While I would thoroughly enjoy admiring it I have to admit to a weakness ! I could only resist for a few seconds before having to plunge my tongue in that ***** to taste all the juices that were flowing !

Why not take you out while the clamps are on? Making you walk around should have the juices flowing.

yes yes ,,love the thought of this ! !

Thanks for your hott story! I love stockings too. I'd love to send you some of my faves! XXXOOO Muffi

What a fantastic room decoration! You'd look good spread on my couch

What a sight you must be my dear ! Legs spread wide, ***** stretched open with clamps , your juices dripping out of your open hole ! A tasty sight indeed !!

You know that sounds painful. Want more? Try walking up or down stairs, each step can be incredibly painful. M sounds good to me.

you need to wear this to work ?

i want to see photos of this ! ! !

I'd love to tie you spread eagle to the bed. Tie you so when you move you stretch something else. Or try some nipple clamps on you as well.

I love a woman in stockings. But you really take it up a notch with the clamps and tied! I like that picture in my head!

Now your talking! that sounds sexy!!!

Ahhh. My kind of woman!