My Ex-wife's Stockings

My ex-wife always wore stockings and suspenders. Usually tan colour or black. We used to love taking photos, sometimes in the house, sometimes outside. She used to go shopping wearing them underneath her coat, with no skirt. I miss seeing, touching, photographing them. They appear to be less fashionable these days but hopefully there will always be some women who will wear them.

Toffee Toffee
46-50, M
9 Responses Jul 12, 2008

she sounds hot,,,love when my wife does the same

My wife would wear stockings and garters. I also loved taking photos of her dresses that way. We use to meet with another couple who did the same.

Women only wear them coz it makes them feel horny. They wont ell you that but there is no need to wear suspender belts and all that paraphenalia these days. My ex-girlfriend used to use them as a weapon on me. She would come down the stairs and she looked so sexy. The best bit was after I had *** inside her she just put on her long raincoat and go to the shop with my sponk dribbling down her inside legs. God that could make my balls rattle that.

I live in Los Angeles, and actually they are becoming more popular here. WHen I see them I get so horny for them.

celery, you obviously dont know that suspenders is the word used for garters in some parts of the world. My mother always called it a suspender belt. So open your mind to a new word.<br />
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Toffee - yes, there are women today who wear stockings with a garter/suspender belt. I'm one of them, in fact I wore them to work yesterday.

I love stockings and I hate my exwife. I wonder if there is a connection too?

Stockings with SUSPENDERS?!!! I hope you mean garters, cuz the image of a chick with suspenders hooked onto her stockings is just too hilarious!!!