Stocking Up

I love stockings...have a drawer full. I don't wear them often though.

I am meeting someone tonight for dinner. Do I want to wear pants....or a skirt with stockings? Is it too cold? What do guys you prefer a woman in a skirt or pants?
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Definitely love skirt and stockings......such a sexy combination!

Count me with the majority! Especially for a dinner date, it's got to be a skirt and stockings.

Always and skirt, and stockings would be the icing on the case, thanks for asking ;)

My dear...its a NO Brainer.... A woman always looks sexy when wearing a skirt or dress. Stockings are the icing on the cake!
In my ideal world a woman would never wear pants! The weather should never ever be considered when going out and looking good!

Stockings or hose and skirts make a woman a lot more erotic and sexy I think. There's nothing that turns me on more than a pair oh hose covered legs, the looks and especially the feel!

No red blooded male would prefer pants over seamed stockings and a skirt - especially with the frilly edge of a satiny slip showing. If it's cold, the right boots and coat (my preference being fur...) would satisfy me...

A woman wearing a skirt/dress is much sexier than just plain old pants

Thanks...I took your advice.

Wear a pants with garter and stocking inside with heels.'s a first date...doubtful he'll see them. Won't that be a waste?

I wore stockings and a cute black, ruffled short skirt! A Tajari sweater, bandolino lace heels and a jacket from Neiman's...I forget the designer...but I looked hot! lol

I am sure you did look hot

Wish I could have seen you, I bet you looked great! Wish it were me you were dressing for....

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