My Love For Stockings

My first experience with hosiery was pantyhose and I loved the feel of the nylon encasing my legs. One day a friend of mine came over with a magazine he had found and as we looked through it there were many pictures of women wearing only stockings and a garter belt.  I fell in love with those pictures and never forgot them even though it would be many years before I was actually able to wear stockings and garter belt.  When I was older I bought my own magazines and always looked for the women in stockings and garters they just looked so good to me.  When I was married to my first wife I bought her a pair of stockings and garter belt and loved it on her.  One day when she was not home I went into her drawer and got out those stockings and the garter belt and tried them on.  I put on the garter belt and then slid the first stocking up my legs and attached it to the garter belt and when I bent over to put the second stocking on I almost lost it.  The feeling of the garter tabs pulling on the stockings sent me into sensual overload it felt so good.  I finished putting the second stocking on and I was shaking so bad I almost couldn't get the stocking hooked into the garter tab.  From that moment on I knew that stockings were my favorites and would wear them whenever I could.  I now own more hosiery than some women.  I have pantyhose, tights, thigh highs, and more garter stockings than Hanes.  I have garter stockings in every color and style I can find and love them all.  For me stockings are number one.
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I love stockings so much I now dress fully as a woman and go shopping and out in the evening with friends. I have no trouble passing and never been spotted. I practised make up so much that real women as me for advice now. It's such a wonderful feeling being out and accepted as a female, men are so nice to me but I think my gorgeous legs help.

This story is making me try garters for the first time. Usually I prefer pantyhose. If they get a run or tear, I save them for summer. I cut the legs off and wear them under my shorts. I've actually worn colored ones with a T-shirt to go out walking. If I'm out hiking nude I keep a pair for bushy terrain where hanging loose could mean thorns. Thanks

I think you will like them. I own several garter belts but most of the time I wear a corset or waist cincher with garter tabs to help me get that hourglass figure.

That is almost the same as me. I fell for garter belts the first time I saw them in a catalog. My first was my moms and I had to wait until I was 19 before she bought that one. Then I moved on to my wife's

I fell in love with the look of garter belts and stockings and then I wore them and I just can't get enough of wearing them. I have pantyhose but I really love wearing my stockings and a garter belt.

I can't get enough of them either

Do you remove the hair on your legs? I love hosiery too but without removing my leg hair it looks silly and doesn't feel as nice.

Sometimes in the winter but not in the summer. I agree it does feel great!!!

They are soooo sexy

Mmmmm yes they are!!!

Isn't it incredible how one can derive so much pleasure from an article of clothing. I love the softness, the pull of the suspenders and the vision I see in the mirror before me. Stockings are God.

I get weak in the knees just thinking about it!

Stockings are so much better than pantyhose, and they feel so good

I still wear pantyhose occasionally but stockings are my favorite. And you are so right the do feel soooooooooo good.

I have one pair of pantyhose, and occasionally I will wear them........but for me it is stockings or nothing

No doubt stockings are queen in my mind!!!