I Wear Stockings Every Day

And I do mean every day. I'm just a gal who loves to wear stockings and hold ups. I'm only 5' tall so tights dont tend to flatter my short stature the way nylons do.

Mandi aka The Stockings Lady.

thestockingslady thestockingslady
46-50, F
11 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I love wearing stockings out, even when I go shopping, I always wear black stockings held up by a suspender belt and I always wear them with a shapewear waist high skin tight control thong that's always tight up between my bum, a super wedgie, this feels so sexy whilst wearing stockings under my faverate knee length pink skirt, when I'm out and about walking in my high heels I love the thought of wearing this sexy underwear under my skirt.

I have the other problem as I am tall so I find stockings far better than tights, so I wear hold ups during the week and stockings and suspenders at the weekends.

Great to see a woman who likes stockings, they give legs the sexy touch that drives most men nuts.

I couldn't live without them.

Mandi, stockings are the "icing on the cake" to flatter a lovely outfit - a lovely combination of sexy and classy! And I note that you state stockings, not hose - and stockings are SO much sexier than pantyhose, and also cooler and more comfortable (according to my wife!)

Extremely sexy Mandi, I always prefer a lady in stockings but only with suspenders for me. Looks much sexier than hold ups. X

Your very sexy Mandi.........

that's adorable, LLIL and Stockings, but are you comfortable wearing them?

Mandi, you know how to make this man's life so much brighter. Stockings are a real treat to my eyes. Love to get in touch.<br />
<br />

Very sexy ...love shorter older ladies who understand sensuality...

Nice photo Mandi, you sound like a true feminine lady